3 F A C T S pt.2


1. I'm a huge smoker. Heavy one. Can't remember last day which I spent without cigarettes. Probably around 4 years ago when I was quite like a cool-smoker. I was the one in our friends group who smoked probably the biggest amount but at the same time in my eyes it was always like ''I'm gonna quit like tomorrow and it's going to be fine.'' My-past-self couldn't imagine me right now smoking as much as I do. I smoke plenty cigarettes in night hours, especially before going to bed which makes my heart race like hell and then I can't fall asleep for about 2 hours. In the mornings first thing I think about is lighting up my cigarette but I try to eat breakfast first. I smoke a lot trough day. I smoke 2gether with my dad. I smoke around my family. It's so easy for me to smoke since everybody is aware of that. Except I don't smoke around kids and of course my little brother. Damn. If there's cure share it with me in the comment section below. Message me on Instagram. Or at least pray for me :D

2. I don't eat left-overs. What the hell is wrong with me? OK, let me explain - there's some things I'll eat but I'm picky about food I'm going to put in my body. Mostly I reject food that have been bought ready in store like any kind of salads. Everything I've made by myself I try to eat in the same day so I don't have to deal with it tomorrow. I don't know what's wrong with me, I know. This trait in me is something new and it sounds like I'm princess, but I can't help myself, mostly because I've found love for cooking, cooking fresh & healthy and whenever I see that something lays by it self in fridge for too long it feels like it's not worth enough to be in my tummy. Sounds dumb, I know. Once again pray for me to get my brain back in the head. 

3. I don't know know to swim. I'm part of those people who don't fucking know how to and that's it and if you're in the club hit me up! I feel so uncomfortable in water I can't even explain it. Especially here in Latvia where sea side is dark and you don't see anything around you and also I've never found interest to jump in the local ponds or lakes as it simply doesn't feel safe. It's devastating, because I would love to know how to swim and feel safe in water, I would love to have fun with others because whenever we with friends are planning going to spend time near water I'm positive about that, but always when we got to the destination I suddenly become grumpy like ''Oh, thank you! I'm good. I'm just gonna lay here on the sand and make some sand castles by my own, maybe some ants will stand by and have some small-talk with me, also I'm about to collect some shells for my collection--'' and it goes on, LOL. I just want to wake up one morning and know how this shit works, you know. 

So here's 3 facts about me, I got inspired by THIS post I made few years ago even tho I think that those facts are pretty boring and yeah. People change. If I was boring, now I'm not. Have a great day everyone and remember to smile! 

(source: wehearit)

Kisses, E. 



Hey sweethearts, long time no see, right? I've been thinking about making this post as I've so many products that have taken place in my heart lately so I decided why not? So today I'm going to share some photos and short captions for you! Enjoy and tell me about your latest faves...

CLUSE WATCHES. I've been fan of Olivia Burton for long time but as I got chance to get something from Cluse I decided to take this baby home. And I'm in love with this la bohème mesh rose gold baby, it suits most of my wardrobe which is great! Click HERE to get it!

THE BALM. Meet Matt(e) Hughes in shade Loyal. My first matte lipstick from this brand and oh-my-god that peppermint aroma which takes over all over my face is amazingly good. I'm not gonna say that I love this lipstick, I adore it. This shade is definitely my favourite shade ever, persistence is 10/10 and as I said it smells amazing. Recommend it!

CALVIN KLEIN. Sheer beauty has been my all the time favourite perfume I've ever had. It's light and fun, but as far as I know they don't make it anymore? idk, but Sheer Beauty Essence is almost as good as Sheer Beauty itself. This perfume is more fall-ish, sweeter & heaver. Love it!

CALVIN KLEIN. There's a story behind how I got this. I was looking for Elizabeth Arden White Tea as I got the same hand cream and it's gorgeous. But our saleswoman told me ''Well, this is so not you. You're as fun & light as this ck2 by Calvin Klein!'' and she was so right, because this perfume is fresh, little bit sweet and fun! Whenever I look at it my heart melts because I love it.  

ESTÊE LAUDER. Eye cream, stay-in-place eye pencil and mascara. Eye cream is great, eye pencil is persistent and all the ''wow's'' goes to the mascara! Makes my eyelashes look huge and I love that look on me. Also it doesn't brush around my eyes hours later. Great choice, recommend it! 

LYRA GEMS. This bracelet have been in my wishlist for a while! Lyra Gems have amazing bracelet collection for everyone and also they've cute earrings as well. I love those tassel earrings, they suit me very well. Check out their bracelets HERE! Also to keep updated here's and Instagram page of Lyra Gems.

ALOE VERA. Got these pieces-of-gold in Tenerife! Face and body cream is rich and moisturises my skin well, lip balm have that minty feeling when applied on lips, but mousse is my all the time favourite as it looks like gel in the tube but comes out as a foam! Skin feels amazing after pampering it with these goods. Recommend it! 

So that's it for now! I hope that this post was interesting for you and somehow useful as well. As Christmas time is coming part of these favourites could be present to yourself or someone who you love! Treat yourself and your loved ones as well. December is so close... Talk to you later, xx Elizabete.



Hi! I hope if you're reading this - you're fine. And if not, eventually you'll be.

I wanted to talk about something that have been with me for past few years. At least that's how it feels. I don't remember when it started and how it all started, from where it came and who I should blame besides myself.
  1. The thing is that this point of my life is one of the best moments in my life. This is the peak as I'm 21 year old, almost graduated from college and coming closer to other achievements. I don't want to talk about all of the things I'm planning, but there are a lot of them for sure. This is the best moment, right here, right now and I'm really grateful for all I've. I'm still living with my parents which let me save some amount for school for which I pay by myself now. And basically all the money I own goes to school & my personal needs such as beauty and hygienic products, clothes, hair care, etc. 
  2. This moment in my life is the best moment also because I've the best people around me. I've great communication between me and people I've known for past few years or people who have became my friends lately. I feel support. I know that someone somewhere will always be here for me. As well as my family. And even if there is someone who I've been calling my friend for decades decided to fuck over me in the worst way - no biggie, not the first time, not the last either. Doesn't make sense who betrays you, the only thing I'm letting in my life is loyalty and love. 
  3. Overall, being 21 right now is the peak of my life right now - the best opportunities, new people, new offers, living in safe environment, being healthy, having great family. I appreciate everything I have. Also this point includes finding someone special in your life. In some ways. Not that I desperately need someone to wake up next to every morning, someone to fall asleep with, someone to hug & kiss. Someone with who make future plans. Because 21 might be way to early right now, but at the same time it's not like life isn't giving me this opportunity. Life have introduced me to plenty amazing men. All of them are amazing example for great loving relationship, but only if you're longing for love or that warm feeling. I want that but also it's way too less for me. I want stability financially, calm life in our home and huge plans for future. I don't need relationship where men gives me love and happiness, but at the same time boldly drinks or use anything else of drugs, who loves to party all the time and who's irresponsible, unaccountable, and also doesn't have future plans. There have to be goals. And all of those points I just made are part of men I just mentioned. 
You see, life is good. Life gives me all the chances to make my life complete in some ways. In some ways more than other ways. It's good. Life is good. But back to the point this post was about - lack of passion is killing me. There ain't no passion for me to do anything. I had to graduate from college 5 months ago but I was too tired and emotionally devastated to make any assignments. There have been other things that I should be done by this time of my life and I simply haven't felt inspired enough. I'm all the time tired, angry or sad. Exhausted. And at the same time I look at my friends who get to their goals all the time, they're happy, successful, in a great relationship, in a great job, everything just seems to be way better than it is in my life. I'm not envy. I just don't understand how did I went here from being happy & successful to being tired & unsuccessful. And how comes that those people who works but also binge drinks and makes their life shit - looks so happy and thankful?
Every morning I wake up and first thing in my head is - do I belong here? Do I belong with people around me? Some of them are bad influence to me, some of them are way too good for me. And secondly, my other thought is that I'm happy for everything I have. Grateful. But still sad inside. Really, really sad time by time. Really hopeless time by time. Tired every morning. Not where I wanted to be at this moment in my life. My seasonal depression comes to say ''hi!'' to me time by time. As I'm getting older it's coming to say ''hi!'' way more often. To the point that I feel like it's part of me, integral part of me & myself. And I know that eventually I will get better. Like all of us. But living with this dark part under my skin feels empty.

If you've the same experience or something makes you feel in some ways like this makes me feel - feel free to comment below and share with your thoughts. If you feel alone - you're not. I'm here with you, with all of us who feel the same time by time. Have a great day whoever read this!

xx, Happiness Victim 



As usual every vacation for us starts with a ''you sure you didn't told anybody?'' because me & sister likes to keep our plans as a secrets. At least our vacation plans. :) We knew where we're going to, when, where we are staying at, we knew everything for almost half of a year. And this year there was a twist... My best, best guy-friend also known as Alberts was coming with us! What could be better? I don't know... Like, um... Let's stick with Alberts was the best decision we made!
We have already visited Cyprus few years ago and I was super excited because it's one of my favorite places where I've been. First time we stayed at Oscar Five Star Hotel and it was amazing experience, but this time we stayed in another region in Cyprus, to specify we stayed in Famagusta which is amazing city, but in my eyes not as beautiful as Kyrenia was. This time we stayed in Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, we arrived pretty late, checked in, got cozy in our rooms and had some sleep. In the morning we woke up for breakfast and then we were ready for some rest next to the pool! We had all inclusive so that meant only one thing - drinking cocktails all day and all night. That feeling when you simply lay down next to a pool with a beautiful sea view with cocktail in your hand, sun is shining, all the conversations are positive, people around are happy... It's something amazing. I can't describe how it makes me feel.
As me, my sister and my auntie are all pretty big personalities we always fight over dumbest things ever. And also big part of that is our dark humour and sarcastic jokes that we make and if one of us doesn't feel the vibe it can get out of hands. So this time we took with us one of my best friends Alberts because we needed a man who would be able to hand us all and at the same time someone who is positive and funny to make it all way chill because as I said all of us, women's, are pretty insane and spontaneous. And it all went great! In the third day we had excursion around Ghost City = Famagusta and also spots we had visited before as I, the smart one, understood after I started to get those deja vu moments and I was like, ''darling, auntie? I'm pretty sure we have been here already!'' so at the end, even though I was a little bit pissed because that excursion was pretty boring (the best part, of course, was lunch part) I said to my aunt - next time we visited countries we've already been in, please, let me choose what to see or to specify - let me choose excursions. It was the one and only excursion we had all the week and did we regret? Oh, hell no! Why? Let me continue.
This part of the story is probably my favorite one. In the second day around the pool we saw pretty handsome guy bringing cocktails to his wife and I was saying to myself: ''you know what? no! this time you'll not give a shit about any male in here, you simply don't give a fuck! you'll get ready each night for yourself and you're going to be the sassy lady who don't need any male human in her life (right now) so don't even look at him, don't fucking fall for him and don't ruin your vacay darling!'' and as I said these wonderful, inspiring words to myself out of nowhere my auntie loudly asks ''are those cocktails good?'' and I'm like, what the actual fuck, is he Latvian? And yes, he is. But I'm like ''you know what I don't even like married guys'' and for real it has never been my thing so I don't bother how do I look next to that pool until the evening came. We went to the dinner, ate some amazing food, had some drinks and then went outside to the terrace for some drinks. My sister, my bestie and me - we all are pretty hardcore smokers so we went to another table so we don't bother our auntie with all the smoke going up in the air and the same guy comes to us, introduces himself, we introduce ourselves and I sit there looking at my phone while smoking my cigarette not saying any word because all of them talks about gambling which somehow have been or are right now part of their lives and I'm there like the sweet young girl who don't do drugs, don't do gambling, high standarts, high class and all of that in my mind not easy money and games but somehow we all are so drunk that we all go back to our aunts table and decide to go to the casino next to the hotel. Five minutes later me with auntie leaves the most luxury toilet room I've seen, diving in to world of gambling machines and poker tables, and shit like that and we're like ''shit, none of us have ever played'' and there is just two of us because our company are lost and we, drunk, in the second night make a call even though it costs shit yelling at my sister ''where the fuck are you'' and she's coming after us and we dive into another world while Alberts plays something on the table and we just watch. Few moments later he have won his money, we leave and me, as I've drank so much I have become extra sassy and after our bathroom talk with auntie, I ask to the new-guy: ''so, my auntie have only 2 questions: how old are you and are you married?'' and he's smiling and saying ''well, I'm free and 23'' AND THE NEW LOVE STORY BEGINS! All of us takes more drinks and starts to talk way more openly about different topics. Also about love and relationships. Then this guy decides to play game with cards and the next thing I remember that he ask my sister ''have you ever had threesome?'' and later the same question pops in my direction. When he leaves for a moment me and my sister decide that I can take him (yes, we had this conversation) and again, I, strong independent woman who doesn't needs anybody starts to play games with this male. Of course, it all wasn't as beautiful and easy as you imagine, because my auntie yells at us: ''wtf, Harald, don't be dumb to fall for her! she don't need you at all, take her sister'' and texts like these pops out of her all the night until the next thing I remember is that we're at my place, just three of us and she says: ''just take my room and do what you have to do, I'm going to stay at yours'' and I'm like, ''Jesus fucking Christ, thank you, but no, I'm not that easy'' and the young male seems to be a little bit disappointed, but we continue to drink and talk until my auntie almost falls out of the balcony, so we decide that we should all rest. My auntie goes to her room, we go downstairs to the terrace and sat there with super romantic view in front of us but to be honest we were super drunk and I don't remember that much from first night we had together and to be honest, the rest of the days ain't that interesting as well, at least, for you guys, because there was simply nights when we all went out on the terrace to exchange with our opinions and later when we were just two we just talked about life, past & a little bit of future in a flirt vibe. Even tho-, I had mini crush on him as he wasn't one of those guys who acts out, also doesn't drink until another persons shows out of him, have great future plans, also he seemed to be loving and respectful to a woman -- simply seems to be nice guy and in my eyes he's simply handsome looking male. In the last days I didn't see this male too much so I just spent time together with my dear auntie, my sister & best friend. We had so much fun, we went out to sunbathe, drank cocktails, talked to the staff and other people, we simply had week full of good energy and positive emotions. My sister and best friend also got burned because sun was too intensive one of these days, oh my oh, of course Alberts is a ''little bitch'' in SOME WAYS, baby if you're reading this please don't get mad at me, hahah, but he was like ''ugh, I'm sunburned. not gonna drink tonight'' baby, no, it will not help!!! Anyway, as I remember our time together - I can't imagine another person than Alberts in our trip. As we know each other for about 5 years and have another dimension connection we always make fun of each other and we always laugh about the dumbest things ever, I can't even describe our vibe, but it's good. Whenever I was a little bit too tired I was like, ''eh, gotta chill with my bestie for about 15 minutes and I'm going to be fine'' and I think all of us, girls, was thinking like that, because he's so positive! So back to the point I was talking about, they got the worse sunburn I've ever seen, my sisters eyeballs were red, I can't. That was one of those days when I felt so bad because of my ears and little bit of hangover so I went out few hours later and thankfully didn't get sunburn! Oh. Also did I mention my relationships with all the staff members? One of them named Isa proposed to me, I still have the ring. Another one told me to come back and promised to change all the paintings with photos of me, he was simply amazing. And again what can I say - all the males there and all attention you feel, oh my oh...  One of our photographers even asked for kiss & told me to come on a trip with him to his hometown right in that moment, haha. On the last day me and my sister went out to make some photos & swim in the sea and I think - for the first time ever I wen't for a swim on my vacation because as I don't know how to swim I don't feel comfortable in water. And it was amazing, water there was so warm and light blue, we went in to make photos and later to just fool around - it was amazing to be there right at that moment. Also later all of us three rebels went for a hike to visit abandoned water park, to be honest, firstly we wanted to check abandoned house/hotel next to us, but, as we got closer- there were people on the floor, some sleeping, some eating so we were like, ''shit, let's continue our trip'' and oh wow, territory around our hotel was so dirty, I can't describe. People living in a paradise, but it's too hard to pick your shit up? Whatever, soon we approached abandoned waterpark which somehow wasn't abandoned. So we went back, even tho it was about 20 minutes long trip - it was our last day there and everything we did was worth it. In the evening they had huge party in the hotel, and by huge I mean HUGE! Alberts met up with our other male and they went out to party, but we ladies decided to stay in for some drink in our room, few minutes later all of us yelled at each other and au revoir all the positive energy because we all got in a huge fight! :) Also as I am not a morning person and we had to woke up around 2-3 AM because of our flight I decided to skip drinks and went to my bed, we packed all of our things few hours before going out so I was super happy to smoke my night cigarette & go to sleep. In the morning we ate breakfast, almost did not talk to each other and went to the buss. Quick chat with other Latvians and we were ready to go. We had to flights from Cyprus to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Latvia. Of course I wasn't happy at all because of my ear problems, but anyway, I had the best time in my life there - with the right people, in the right place. Warm weather, amazingly great food, funniest people around me, comfort, beautiful views, the best vacation... And of once again I would love to visit Cyprus again and I know, eventually I will! Because once again I left my t-shirt there. Fuck! Hope it was interesting to read how it all went and what we went trough and I hope you're having amazing day! :-)

P.S. Remember that male guy I was talking about? When we landed he texted me: ''Well, thank you and have a nice life.'' or something like that AND I'VE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING from him! ka-boom! But as my auntie said to him in the first evening we met ''She don't need you darling, she's just playing with you.'' and now I think, who am I kidding, I am who I am and (right now) I don't need anybody in my life. I don't even feel mad, it's his loss even tho- what loss if we both just had fun there and here we don't care about each other! Riiiiiight?
Keep your head up, ladies!


Women Top

Few days ago we made wonderful photos outside our house as it was sunny and warm outside. I made flower crown from little daisy like flowers I found in our yard and wore amazingly cute off-shoulder white top which is going to be this summers favourite clothing piece for me. I can't stop adoring it! I hope that summer will stay as sunny and warm as it is right now. Also hoping that if you're reading this - you're doing great! 

Top from dresshead 
Photos by Doloresa Onzule


The Right People

I think the best thing in life is that you simply have a chance. You always start from the point when you don't know what to do with your life and what to do with yourself, right? You try so many things to make your life great and comfortable for you and also others in some ways, depends on what's important to you - yourself only or yourself & people around you. 
My circle of people I keep around is small and if you look at me and my relationships with people you'll see that mostly I've problems with fucking everybody. I tend to lose friends time by time, sometimes life decides to throw somebody back in my life and then again one of us fucks it up and mostly I decide that I should take time from them and it goes around and around and around and mostly with the same people all the time. I've always been thinking that problem is in others and sometimes it's really my fault, but overall it's another story that I will explain to you later. 
You see, there is always something that somebody does wrong or stupid and I seriously can't take it so I just think ''fuck it, fuck you, I don't need you and you'll be fine without me too'' and big problem about me is that I really have strong principles about being honest, being your-true-self, avoiding lies and shit goes on. It's really important that people I keep my relationships with are going to be honest with me, but in the fast few months I've lost one of my best-guy-friends, one great guy we had in our company (from which I'm out now) and on having love-hate relationship with one amazing girl which I would like to call my friend, but our relationship does nothing great to me. Long story short: the best-guy-friend simply fucked it all up with feeling out of nowhere and lies, and that also is one of the reasons I'm concerned about my relationships with my girl-friend because both of them lied about one simple thing that wouldn't make me mad or anything, but as a friend I would like that people around me who says that they love me and couldn't imagine their lives without me - would be honest to me no matter what. And the other guy we have had friendship with for years and actually we've been through so much, mostly we got in fight because of my opinion who didn't come out of nowhere and he decided to make it worse even not knowing fact by fact how it all started and what exactly I've said but whatever, some of friendships has to end sooner or later and I simply felt that we don't have anything common anymore so it's all good. Like, you see how easy I let people leave because it's not the first time with those people and also I've been leaving many other relationships as well. Of course everything ends because of a reason. In both of those stories there was something I did wrong and also something they did wrong. BUT...
At the end of the day. I've understood that it's not my fault and also that problem is not in me. Not saying that problem is in others. I simply think that people who are still there with me and have been through this with me are the ones that simply needs to be around me right now in this moment in my life. Because we always take something from others. Friends who decide to make new brand and ask me to join. What could be cooler? Friends who travel around the world and also works abroad. They're such an inspiration to leave my house and say goodbye to life that you've always lived. To change something. Not everything, but something. Friends who achieve their goals and now are thinking about buying apartment in capital city, are you out of your mind? That's simply amazing how great we grow and how realistic our dreams become. 
We all have a chance to be by ourselves and make our way as we want to. And also we have a chance to look what others have done to inspire ourselves. The key is - keep the right people around you. Keep around people who have the same interests as you do. Keep around yourself people that will be happy about you, your achievements, your ideas, your success, you happiness. 

Kisses, E.