December, hi! Let's talk about love.

Hello! Long time no see, right? But I'm here. If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm active there. As I am really busy I don't update blog often, as you can tell. It's December and as we all know it's the busiest month of the year! Christmas time & New Year Eve and all the events before & after. 
I'm struggling with so many projects I've to do until January, college is fucking killing me! So much things I've to do, ugh. But I still manage my time to see my friends and be with my family. This weekend I'm attending two Christmas balls with friends & on Sunday morning I'm going to Christmas concert with family. My goal is to stay sober this weekend so I don't feel like shit on Sundays morning, so wish me luck. 
Anyway, this have been colourful year. I always write some kind of review here on blog about my year. And then I always read what have happened to me in previous years. This year was different from other years because of my love life which I fucked up big time. Not gonna tell you how it all happened, how much happiness it took from my life all the summer and how many nights I was crying in my pillow (ok, none. but I wanted to), but I can tell you that everything happens for a reason. And now I can say that I'm stronger than before. And smarter. And even tho- this year wasn't the best one for me, I know that 2017 will be the amazing one! I've started so many things that I will complete next year and I've so many secrets that I will tell you about guys later! I can't be more thankful right now. And I promise that I will work hard and do my best to achieve my goals! 

See each other soon, as I said I'm going to share with few moments of 2016 in next post, probably just before new year it's going to be up! Also, I'm writing huge post about my daily hair care, so it will be on blog soon as well! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram so you'll be updated! 

Kisses, E.