August 10

Hello! It's August 10. Fuck! Few more days and it's September. Damnit. I'm not ready to be depressed next 6 months. So I'm planning at least 1 trip abroad. 

Actually, so much is going on right now! So many plans: travel plans, blog plans, YouTube plans, studying plans. I gotta do so much! Great feeling. I don't know how it will be when studies will start again, so I gotta be fast and inspired all the time! Yes, yes, yes! 
Talking about blog plans... Yes, I'm back. I'm ready to talk about me, myself and I, I'm ready to post some photos from this amazing summer I had, I'm REAAADY! 

  • Positivus'16 | So, this was my third year @ Positivus festival! And probably one of my favorite years, because I had so much fun! Maybe because I went there with two of my best male friends Alberts and Raimonds! Amazing people all around, great music, food, new friends, comfort, sunshine and a little bit of rain. 
  • Weekend festival | I had a chance to enjoy this festival as well this summer. Alberts won tickets and took me with him to the festival and what can I say... It was such an adventure and experience. Wo-ah! But comparing to Positivus, damnit, such a shitty festival territory, there was nothing to do between concerts in there. Just one spot for toilets, haha, you kidding me? Like 40 toilets when it's biggest festival in Baltic states? Want to buy beer? You can stand in crowded line and when you get to the bartenders, they will give beer to the one who yells ''beer'' loudest. What. the. actual. fuck. ?!?!?! But still all the artists and main stage - it was all worth it. We had so much fun while staying in Pärnu, Estonia. 
  • Trip to Usmas lake | I needed that trip so badly after all the shit I've been trough this summer. You don't care about anything there. Late night swimming, sunsets, cherry beer, nature. It was such a dream there. I loved every single day we stayed there. Daddy made veggies on barbecue and we had dinner outside. It was such a great family time together. 

At Usma

Before night out

At Positivus with my best male friends :>

Not my photo, I guess it's my sisters, but still I had to post it here | At Positivus'16

Night before leaving to Positivus festival we had cozy night with my best girl Lāsma and our friends with Martini at the beach.

Netsky at Weekend festival!

Enjoying sun at Pärnu beach :)
x, Elizabete

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