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Sometimes you have to think about yourself only. You have to think about what you want, what you like, what you care about. You want to color your hair red, but you know your friends would kill you for that? Do it if you want to, do it for yourself. You want to cry but you know that your friends will be mad that you can't hold your shit together? Cry, it's for you and it will make you feel better. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. Never, never look back and regret that you did something not the way you would do that today. Without that you wouldn't be where you're now. Say goodbye to some people. Say thank you to people who stayed with you and who WANTED to stay with you and be your friends. Because we all do what we want, right? And if we hurt somebody, it's because we wanted it. And if we make somebody happy, it's because we wanted to. So easy. 
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite SNAPCHAT moments! 

Arriving to our hotel @ Sicily

Seriously. If you're ever visiting Sicily - Carlo V is the right place for your tummy & heart. Amazing food and lovely staff! 

Drinking tea and talking with one of my fav girls ever..

..here she is! Kate! <3 

I don't know when actually was the last time I slept 8 hours.

5:22 and they give me coffee and Rafaello, cute

Dining with auntie

So story about this lil cutie pie. I bought him because I thought that it won't bloom and also because I knew that I will have to water this baby like once in week and that was my point of buying cactus because I'm never home. One morning I woke up so mad at him because somehow little baby cactus decided to bloom and show that he's alive. See how it's looking at you? I gave him a name: lil monster, 'cause he looks like one cute little monster with those flower eyes! :) 

I love this Snapchat filter! Makes my eyes look bigger and nose smaller. Future surgery goals :D

Celebrating midsummer! 

My brother really likes my best friend...

And we drank one more. 

Oh, I love you Rīga!

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Have a great day!

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