Hey guys! How are you? I'm totally devastated and this day haven't even really started yet for me! I probably have said that since I got my new computer I've lost all of my photos from past which were at my old computer. I saved them on external hard drive, but something went wrong and I understood that only when I tried to save all my photos on my new computer. Actually, it still bothers me and feel so guilty that I didn't check twice because all those photos and files... They meant so much to me. There was photos from year 2010! Can you imagine? 6 years ago. There was photos with my old friends and classmates, and family of course, there was funny photo sessions, there was so many funny videos. My elementary school graduation, all my birthdays, all my friends birthdays, family trips and all my travel photos which I haven't even show you guys. I feel like it's all my fault even I know that something went wrong while I was saving my fails. Fucking thechnologies! And today again I lost all my saved data from my phone. All photos I took last month. Even my VSCO cam app didn't save anything. I was so devastated! VSCO app should have like it's own storage and it shouldn't connect with my phone storage. Like, come on! OK, after all this time it was all my fault, because I deleted my iPhone 6 from Find My Phone, but I thought that it was my old iPhone 5. So I failed. And it all because my brother disabled my old phone. Now I know, that iPhone is totally not meant for little kids. Actually, Apple Inc now have pissed my feelings because my photos from phone could actually save by itself when connected to iTunes & Photos on Mac. But no, I have to approve that I want to import all of my photos. Anyway, I'm not blaming my brother or Apple Inc for all my troubles today ( even thought I'm searching for someone to blame :D ). But from now I'm going to save my photos all the fucking time. At least once a week. 

Also I wanted to say, that my blog is not ready yet. But soon you'll see new posts & collaborations. You would see more today if I had my photos... :) Soon my friends, soon! 

Stay awesome - just the way you are!