Hey! How are you? Some of you who follow me for some time already know how much I love Olivia Burton watches! Firstly they're good looking, secondly they're affordable. Since my 18th birthday it's tradition to get one as a present. About that time I really wanted Michael Kors one with big dial, masculine bracelet and some diamonds in it as well. But knowing myself and how clumsy I am... I knew that I would be very disappointed if something happened to it. For example getting some water on it, losing it while partying, etc. I wanted to buy affordable watch and prove myself that I can take care of it (like getting first pet you know) so later I can step up and get something really expensive (again great example: like people who have been together for long time firstly get a pet to see if they can take care of it before thinking about kids, ha-ha). So back to the point this post was about - for my 18th birthday gift I decided to get Olivia Burton big dial gold watch. And I was so happy about it! I could say obsessed, because I wore it with everything. On my 19th birthday I decided to get another one beautiful watch from Olivia Burton, again with big dial but with black leather strap. Also loved it as I loved my first baby! You can see post about it HERE. This year I wanted to change something in my jewelry closet so I was looking for Kate Spade watches. But I also checked some Olivia Burton ones and when I saw black dial silver bracelet watch I knew it - it was love from the first sight! This year I wanted silver one. When it came I was like: '' ugh, maybe silver is not my thing... '' But then I wore it, took few photos of it and it was so good looking that I could wear it while I'm at home in bed, doing nothing... LOVE IT! You can get it HERE

Stay awesome!