Hello, 2016

It's snowing since I woke up. Ain't no feelings about that. Most people know that I hate cold weather, snow. But I've realised that I can't change weather as well as I can't change other things in life. There is one thing, person who I can change and it's me. I'm the boss and I decide what to eat, what to wear and mostly what to say. It all depends on me. This year I'm changing some things. This is not going to be new me, this is going to be BETTER me. Don't you ever say goodbye to yourself dear friend -- new year, new me -- it's bullshit. Don't lose yourself just be another person, you will never find happiness in thinking like this. I hope that this year is going to be full of love, success and money for adventures and trips all around the world. I hope that most of my dreams will come true and I hope to find true love, see friends who live abroad and explore culture of their new home, I hope to work harder & earn more this years. I hope to be healthy and happy. And I also hope this year will be the best for you too my dear friend! 

Happy New Year! 
Love, Elza.