December, hi! Let's talk about love.

Hello! Long time no see, right? But I'm here. If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm active there. As I am really busy I don't update blog often, as you can tell. It's December and as we all know it's the busiest month of the year! Christmas time & New Year Eve and all the events before & after. 
I'm struggling with so many projects I've to do until January, college is fucking killing me! So much things I've to do, ugh. But I still manage my time to see my friends and be with my family. This weekend I'm attending two Christmas balls with friends & on Sunday morning I'm going to Christmas concert with family. My goal is to stay sober this weekend so I don't feel like shit on Sundays morning, so wish me luck. 
Anyway, this have been colourful year. I always write some kind of review here on blog about my year. And then I always read what have happened to me in previous years. This year was different from other years because of my love life which I fucked up big time. Not gonna tell you how it all happened, how much happiness it took from my life all the summer and how many nights I was crying in my pillow (ok, none. but I wanted to), but I can tell you that everything happens for a reason. And now I can say that I'm stronger than before. And smarter. And even tho- this year wasn't the best one for me, I know that 2017 will be the amazing one! I've started so many things that I will complete next year and I've so many secrets that I will tell you about guys later! I can't be more thankful right now. And I promise that I will work hard and do my best to achieve my goals! 

See each other soon, as I said I'm going to share with few moments of 2016 in next post, probably just before new year it's going to be up! Also, I'm writing huge post about my daily hair care, so it will be on blog soon as well! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram so you'll be updated! 

Kisses, E.


Sicily, Palermo

This morning watched global news and how Mother Teresa becomes a saint, like, to be honest it was all over the world because right after I saw story about this saint-event on Snapchat. Do you understand how it is to woke up in the morning realising that suddenly it's a thing and that I've been living in a hole?! Anyway, back to the point this post is about! Right after that broadcast, on TV started weather news and I spotted that in Palermo, Sicily right now it's +28 degrees by celsius. Um, oh, by that time when I visited all I enjoyed was rain. 

OK, to be honest weather wasn't that bad when we arrived, it was sunny and beautiful. It all started with arriving early in the morning, sun was rising, all of us were tired but excited. We had to check in about 9 AM in the morning, but we arrived to hotel about 7 AM, so we had breakfast just for us in the other room and of course all of us (by us I mean all the people who flew from Latvia to Sicily) was hungry and excited to see what culinary wonders Sicily have prepared for us, so everyone went to buffet table to grab something to eat. And by that moment I was getting so pissed off! Everyone was grabbing tons of food, it was crowd around buffet table, there was disapprovingly looks to people plates (mostly from me hahaha) so I went to our table and sat there waiting when everyone will have their plates full to get something for me later. After 10 minutes when everyone was finally calm and their plates was full of bacon, cheese, veggies & bread and hot cup of coffee as well I stood up and took my opportunity to take some cheese and cucumbers for myself. My aunt was like: ''Dear, please put something on your plate, please eat!'' and I was like: ''There's nothing left because everybody like animals ate fucking everything!'' and there was some disapprovingly looks at me. My sister and aunt was like: ''Calm down, there is some food left..'' Yes, I was in Sicily like for a hour and already made drama! But, to be honest, people, let's be polite and kind to each other, if there is one buffet table - don't jump on it like you're starving animal. 
So I was super pissed off and shortly after hotel staff said that none of us can check-in around 9 AM, we can count that maybe we'll be checked-in around 12 in the afternoon. So we sat there about 4 hours doing simply nothing. We fall asleep with our suitcases on the sofa in the lobby, later we went out to check area we're going to live. It was sunny day, it even felt like real summer. When we checked in we took little power nap and then went out to buy some fresh veggies, cheese, bread. Took it all to our room and made some dinner for us. Drank rosé and just chilled. 
Next days we mostly chilled near to our hotel or went to Palermo, which is amazingly beautiful city. Historically beautiful. There is so much to see! I can truly say that I'm in love with people, food, architecture, views, everything about Sicily. I miss our time there. One of the days we spent in Palermo wandering around the old city we went to restaurant called Carlo V and believe me that food there was... Woah! Umm, yes, please? Pasta was delicious, all of fishes we ate was fresh and well seasoned, staff was super friendly... There was vegan choices for my sister as well. 
Day before leaving we went to one of the most adventurous trip to Lipari island. So we jumped in a bus, had 3 hour lasting trip to port, there us greeted boat (probably there fitted about 150+ peeps) and we all jumped in thinking ''yay, calm trip to Lipari, this is going to be fun!'' Yes, for sure, I haven't felt so scared in my life like I felt then. It was all cool, me and my sister went up for coffee for us and auntie, for some croissants and suddenly we started to move. OK, just a quick food shopping and we're going down... No, shit, it was like 5 minutes later boat was moving so fast that it literally jumped on every wave. Everybody was nervously laughing and somebody was screaming, and the staff helped all ladies to get down with coffees in their hands or to get on the closest chair, while I was like - shit, Sherlock, I can't do this, I can't move, I'm going to sit there until we're there. My sis went down with her coffee and help of staff, who also was good looking two, young mens. I just sat there with my coffee, nervously but enjoyably drank it while looking around how people was kind of suffering. There was girl who suddenly wanted to puke all over the boat and she cried and bunch of germans where calming her down, and then there was bunch of "omg, are u even real'' french guys, who was way younger than me, but also soooo good looking, but as they were pretty young they were pretty dumb as well (super, sorry, just being honest) so they went outside of boat to get wet... And did other dumb things. So, it was kind of fun sitting up there alone, also scared, because I didn't knew if that was normal and how long is this trip going to be, and also, when am I going to get sick, but after 20-30 minutes we went there and I was alive. So we went around Lipari, which is so, so beautiful island, I can't even describe... I would like to have my wedding there one day soon... :) So next stop was another volcanic island, which, as well was really beautiful. Interesting, that volcano there was active and overall island was pretty small, but there was shops, cafes and houses around volcano. Like, maybe I'm not educated enough but there was smoke coming out of volcano, so I was pretty intrigued when it will blow up, haha, kidding. It started to rain when we were there, I made drama another drama moment and we with sister went away from our auntie to smoke few cigarettes and then we just waited for boat to arrive so we can get in. Soon as we get in our ride back to our port started and I was comforting myself that if waves we're that big and aggressive on our way here, that on our way home we should float with waves, but na-na-nah, you, young girl was wrong! It was the most aggressive boat trip I've ever had, I was SUPER scared, my sister have short video of me and I was acting crazy, because I wanted to act like I'm cool and this is fun, but at the same time I couldn't keep my shit together because boat was rocking. Oh, god, I was so happy when I saw our hotel again. It was rainy all afternoon and after our dinner we went for some cocktails and chilled together outside, later we went to sleep. I couldn't stop looking our of window, that view we had. Woah. I've to mention that infront of us was abandoned building, but afar there was mountains and houses, and lights, and people down in the city was partying & having fun, even it was raining. Clouds moved really fast, music was playing and life was so beautiful. Like, I was going to Sicily to catch some sun, but at the end it was mostly raining and anyways I was lucky to be there. So, so lucky & thankful. 
In the last day on our trip we went to Palermo once again for some quick shopping and we were looking for some place to eat dinner. As nothing seemed tempting to us we went back to Carlo V once again and oh, boy, it was such a adventure. Firstly, food as I said before was amazing, also Aperol Spritz was amazingly strong, but good, because of oranges they put in - they're super sweet. And again staff was super friendly... We had good looking waiter and we started to flirt with him. Even though he had girlfriend I asked for his Facebook, just to keep in contact you know? OK, I was drunk and I just did what I wanted in that moment. Also, out of nowhere came a man (this man was kind of owner of Carlo V, well his parents surely owned that place) who told our auntie, that she have really beautiful daughters... She, as always, explained that we're not her daughters and then she started to point out that I'm amazingly beautiful, joke by joke, he gave me his number and asked: ''will you call me?'' drunk Elizabete: ''Of course I will!'' The thing is, this man was probably older than my dad. But, his eyes and how charming he was... Italy and the men there will make you go crazy, haha! Back all this was about, few moments later I was in the Carlo V and my new lover presented me to his mother and father as well! And brothers! And he showed me all the staff who worked in the kitchen, also, I went in office where his mom worked... What a time to be alive, at the end of our dinner I was almost proposed! We had such an amazing evening, I can't explain everything that happened to us and me personally, but oh, wow. By writing this down in kind of sassy style, I wish I'd have Youtube channel where I could put videos and express my emotions and say something more to you guys. Maybe, soon :) So here my story about our trip to Sicily ends, I hope it was interesting for you to read my experience! Also, I would recommend you to watch THIS VIDEO which was filmed by my sister - so you could see more of Sicily... 


August 10

Hello! It's August 10. Fuck! Few more days and it's September. Damnit. I'm not ready to be depressed next 6 months. So I'm planning at least 1 trip abroad. 

Actually, so much is going on right now! So many plans: travel plans, blog plans, YouTube plans, studying plans. I gotta do so much! Great feeling. I don't know how it will be when studies will start again, so I gotta be fast and inspired all the time! Yes, yes, yes! 
Talking about blog plans... Yes, I'm back. I'm ready to talk about me, myself and I, I'm ready to post some photos from this amazing summer I had, I'm REAAADY! 

  • Positivus'16 | So, this was my third year @ Positivus festival! And probably one of my favorite years, because I had so much fun! Maybe because I went there with two of my best male friends Alberts and Raimonds! Amazing people all around, great music, food, new friends, comfort, sunshine and a little bit of rain. 
  • Weekend festival | I had a chance to enjoy this festival as well this summer. Alberts won tickets and took me with him to the festival and what can I say... It was such an adventure and experience. Wo-ah! But comparing to Positivus, damnit, such a shitty festival territory, there was nothing to do between concerts in there. Just one spot for toilets, haha, you kidding me? Like 40 toilets when it's biggest festival in Baltic states? Want to buy beer? You can stand in crowded line and when you get to the bartenders, they will give beer to the one who yells ''beer'' loudest. What. the. actual. fuck. ?!?!?! But still all the artists and main stage - it was all worth it. We had so much fun while staying in Pärnu, Estonia. 
  • Trip to Usmas lake | I needed that trip so badly after all the shit I've been trough this summer. You don't care about anything there. Late night swimming, sunsets, cherry beer, nature. It was such a dream there. I loved every single day we stayed there. Daddy made veggies on barbecue and we had dinner outside. It was such a great family time together. 

At Usma

Before night out

At Positivus with my best male friends :>

Not my photo, I guess it's my sisters, but still I had to post it here | At Positivus'16

Night before leaving to Positivus festival we had cozy night with my best girl Lāsma and our friends with Martini at the beach.

Netsky at Weekend festival!

Enjoying sun at Pärnu beach :)
x, Elizabete


I. Walk

Sometimes you have to think about yourself only. You have to think about what you want, what you like, what you care about. You want to color your hair red, but you know your friends would kill you for that? Do it if you want to, do it for yourself. You want to cry but you know that your friends will be mad that you can't hold your shit together? Cry, it's for you and it will make you feel better. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. Never, never look back and regret that you did something not the way you would do that today. Without that you wouldn't be where you're now. Say goodbye to some people. Say thank you to people who stayed with you and who WANTED to stay with you and be your friends. Because we all do what we want, right? And if we hurt somebody, it's because we wanted it. And if we make somebody happy, it's because we wanted to. So easy. 
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite SNAPCHAT moments! 

Arriving to our hotel @ Sicily

Seriously. If you're ever visiting Sicily - Carlo V is the right place for your tummy & heart. Amazing food and lovely staff! 

Drinking tea and talking with one of my fav girls ever..

..here she is! Kate! <3 

I don't know when actually was the last time I slept 8 hours.

5:22 and they give me coffee and Rafaello, cute

Dining with auntie

So story about this lil cutie pie. I bought him because I thought that it won't bloom and also because I knew that I will have to water this baby like once in week and that was my point of buying cactus because I'm never home. One morning I woke up so mad at him because somehow little baby cactus decided to bloom and show that he's alive. See how it's looking at you? I gave him a name: lil monster, 'cause he looks like one cute little monster with those flower eyes! :) 

I love this Snapchat filter! Makes my eyes look bigger and nose smaller. Future surgery goals :D

Celebrating midsummer! 

My brother really likes my best friend...

And we drank one more. 

Oh, I love you Rīga!

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Have a great day!