Decision is made

Good afternoon. I'm sorry that I've been away for so long. This time I can surely say that I will be away from blog for some time in future. I will be back for sure with some changes. All that I can say right now: I'm working really hard at my job, last week was just amazingly hard because of full shift (since last Saturday I was working like 5 days full shift and it was so hot in my working place that all the time I thought that I will pass out) and so this weekend I decided to have some more free time. Also yesterday I went to the capital city to join college. I made decision to study something else because tourism I could study only on Saturdays. But I want to do it fully. Even thought these days was sunny and great -- I'm so down right now. I just need some time alone for now so I can organize my future in my head. See you soon guys. 

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