You have to get lost before you find yourself.

Hey! I'm back with quick update. Last days have been full of adventures. Also yesterday I had such an amazing day at home, doing nothing just sunbathing. Finally I can say that summer is here! Sky is clearly light blue and sun is shining. It's not just warm outside, it's hot. And I love this feeling. Even thought my skin is itchy because I have little allergy because of sun, I guess. I don't know what exactly is happening to my body, my skin, but it's not that bad. And I'm still going outside to enjoy this amazing weather. Also I'm seeing my friends almost everyday. Finally I met my very, very lovely friend Katrīna, for some time she's living here so I wish that we'll spend more time together. I always enjoy time with her and I'm super happy that she's here. Few days ago I went after my certificate, I overslept but my friend Zane called me and said that she'll be droving after me. After that we decided to eat breakfast together at local cafe. I had tasty caesar salad and white coffe. It was lovely morning. Except few other things that annoys me lately, everything is fine. About one of them I can tell you about - after we spend morning together with my friend Zane, we drove to local volleyball field. We sat down and two guys came to us, to talk. Well, lately I can't shut up. It all ended with my number I gave to one of those guys. After three days he have called me about 20x from three diffirent numbers! I'm not joking. I answered to him few times and said that I totally have no time, but he calls after few minutes and offers to meet anyway. On first day I had lovely evening with my friend Katrīna and Zane, he called, I said that I have no time, I'm with my friends and we have a plan, but still he offered me and my friends to come to his place. Jesus! Guy is about 25++ years old. And so annoying. All those calls. Never give your number to anyone except your family members :D OK, today I'm going to capital city for some time with my girls - sister, mom & aunt. Hope you all will have amazingly hot weekend! Enjoy this sunny time! :) 


Caesar salad! 

Coffee for me.. :) 

New babies from ASOS! Post about these coming soon :)

Talk to you soon!


  1. That salad looks amazing. It's perfect for those hot summer days =)

    1. It totally was perfect breakfast for me and especially on that hot morning! :)

  2. Seems like you've been having some really nice days :)

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  3. Such cool photos !


  4. awesome post beautiful xo


    Jill :)