What do you miss the most?

Hi! How are you? This weekend was full of colorful events. On Saturday morning I woke up early, we had road trip with family to Birzgale (it's small village nearby my town) where we went to see our relatives which I haven't seen at all. They're living in country house with all the domestic animals, mostly with rabbits. Oh, these little creatures are so cute! I took some grass to feed them - every one of them got some blade of grass (right now there are living about 93 rabbits) and that place is amazingly quiet and peaceful. Fields and forests all around. Like, I have seen places like this in my life before, but somehow country side at Birzgale took my heart. Later on Saturday I went out to see my dear friend Kate and then we went to party at town's park. I didn't use alcohol, at all. I will tell you why in other post. We enjoyed our time there but soon we went home. In the next morning, feeling fresh and good I went to my job. I had full shift. I was happy that after all these holidays I was doing something not sitting home or spend my money on things I don't need, okay, mostly junk food. But there is something killing me inside. I mostly work on weekends. And mostly I miss fun things my family does, great events my family goes to. For example my dad and little brother went on forest to walk around and pick some berries and mushrooms and I haven't been in forest for years. There are some things which I hated to do when kid but today I think it's amazing to go to forest with your family. That's one example. But there's plenty of them. I know that I've said that home for me is just a house, but somehow being here makes me feel good, I always feel better, energized. Home is my charger. And my family as well. Even tough I fight a lot with my family, we do have amazing time together and knowing that sometimes I miss so much fun when I work just makes me sad and tired. Like I know this is the last summer I can enjoy my life like I've been enjoying it for past few years and it's going to end soon. And this is the last summer when I will be at home all day long, all summer. I want to spend time with my loved ones as much as possible, because we can never know how much time we have left. Friends, be with your family whenever you can, say how much you love spending time with them, say how much you love them. 

4 komentāri:

  1. Beautiful post! I love spending time with loved ones - it is one of the most important things in life!


    1. Thank you! That's so good that you spend time with your loved one Jessica!

  2. Lieliski Tevi saprotu, jo divarpus gadus strādāju maiņu darbu, kas iekļāva darbu gan brīvdienās, gan arī ļoti bieži svētku dienās un ir tik grūti strādāt ar apziņu, ka visi Tavi tuvie tajā brīdī ir kopā, priecājās un atpūšas!
    Turies un gan jau drīz viss vērsīsies uz labo pusi, piemēram, es sapratu, ka ir gana un aizgāju no darba! Tik laimīga jutusies es nebiju sen! :)


    1. Jā, es dzirdēju, ka aizgāji no darba. Drosmīga rīcība, malacis! Kaut kā lēnām pierodu pie sajūtas, ka mazāk redzu savus mīļos bet visa dzīvē jānotiek tā, kā tam jānotiek.