Colgate MAX WHITE ONE mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush + Thank you, Kamilla

Hey! Long weekend behind. And I'm going to work again tomorrow. How are you? What do you do? Enjoy summer or work? Last Friday I was home when others went on adventures. I haven't sat at home on Friday night for so long, but it was amazingly good feeling to wake up completely sober and go to work without hangover, aching knees and headache as well. I appreciate this feeling, even though it's always my own decision to drink night before or not. It was pretty rough day on Saturday. In the evening I was home with my family, as my aunt offered me glass of wine I thought why not? Ended up with two glasses and later went to see my friend Zane for some night ride with her car. In the next morning, again, wake up healthy and happy, avoiding alcoholic drinks or using them minimally is great decision. Well, I can't predict the future - this weekend I'm skipping work and going to sunny and beautiful Salacgrīva to the Positivus festival! Sure it's gonna be big-long lasting party there and all those Jägermeistar stands... Appetizing, right? But I know that I'm not going drink all night, every night because I want to feel good in the next morning and day as well. :)

Today I woke up feeling ill, but after coffee (which I drink rarely) and breakfast I felt way more better so I went to the post office after my gift. Recently I participated in giveaway hosted by Sugarmakeup blog and I won! So happy! And this is not a first time when I have won giveaway hosted by Kamilla. But I swear, this is just a coincidence! Thank you for chance to participate, I'm super happy!

Mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush. I'm so excited to try these products!
Thank you one more time!!!

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