What do you miss the most?

Hi! How are you? This weekend was full of colorful events. On Saturday morning I woke up early, we had road trip with family to Birzgale (it's small village nearby my town) where we went to see our relatives which I haven't seen at all. They're living in country house with all the domestic animals, mostly with rabbits. Oh, these little creatures are so cute! I took some grass to feed them - every one of them got some blade of grass (right now there are living about 93 rabbits) and that place is amazingly quiet and peaceful. Fields and forests all around. Like, I have seen places like this in my life before, but somehow country side at Birzgale took my heart. Later on Saturday I went out to see my dear friend Kate and then we went to party at town's park. I didn't use alcohol, at all. I will tell you why in other post. We enjoyed our time there but soon we went home. In the next morning, feeling fresh and good I went to my job. I had full shift. I was happy that after all these holidays I was doing something not sitting home or spend my money on things I don't need, okay, mostly junk food. But there is something killing me inside. I mostly work on weekends. And mostly I miss fun things my family does, great events my family goes to. For example my dad and little brother went on forest to walk around and pick some berries and mushrooms and I haven't been in forest for years. There are some things which I hated to do when kid but today I think it's amazing to go to forest with your family. That's one example. But there's plenty of them. I know that I've said that home for me is just a house, but somehow being here makes me feel good, I always feel better, energized. Home is my charger. And my family as well. Even tough I fight a lot with my family, we do have amazing time together and knowing that sometimes I miss so much fun when I work just makes me sad and tired. Like I know this is the last summer I can enjoy my life like I've been enjoying it for past few years and it's going to end soon. And this is the last summer when I will be at home all day long, all summer. I want to spend time with my loved ones as much as possible, because we can never know how much time we have left. Friends, be with your family whenever you can, say how much you love spending time with them, say how much you love them. 


Home from Positivus'15

Hey! How are you guys? Hope you're all fine and having amazing time and living your life to the fullest as I am. As you might now if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (I hope you don't follow me on Twitter because there you see my rude & super-stupid-funny side) this weekend I visited biggest festival of Baltic States POSITIVUS!!! I spent there great time with my lovely friend Kate and few other friends. Even though I missed two concerts I still had great time. And for sure I'm going again next year. On Tuesday I met with Kate for some lunch together, but in the evening we met my friend Zane and spent some time together at her flat. We ate cheap frozen paella which actually was good and had another snacks + wine. Cosy evening! On Wednesday I and Zane met with girls we haven't seen for so long - Agate & Sintija, our friends from childhood, our classmates. When we're younger we always spent time together. Agate made some amazingly good chocolate cookies with nutella and caramel, also amazingly good strudel with ice cream, she's amazing at cooking. :) We had cosy evening at their terrace, sunset, wine, friends. Today I'm spending some time with these girls as well, going to share about our spontaneous trip later... Here's few photos from last days... Enjoy! 

Going to Positivus! Photo by Kate

Charli XCX

Hey, again!

Tea from Burbuļnīca, oh it was so good! :)



Maybelline Baby Lips & Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Hey, hey, hey. How are you? I'm tired. I'm up from 9 AM and I slept just few hours. Went to the work about 10 AM and this was first day when I was on my own in my workplace. As some of you may know I work at local pub/restaurant. Usually I don't work as officiant but as I've worked there for about year it was about the right time now. Finally! Actually it was pretty rough for the first time. It was quiet when my boss left but after 1 hour people just came and came... And I was the only one. Stressful day behind me, but now I'm super relieved that I did it all by my own. 

Few day ago I asked my mom to buy me Baby Lips Hydrate from Maybelline as she went to another city to shop. As we don't have Baby Lips where I live and as this lip balsam is pretty cheap I thought that I could ask my mom this little gift. I haven't used this one, before I had Mint Fresh one and it was good. So I'm excited to try out this one :) And just before few minutes ago I bought Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm. I decided to check out pharmacy and when I saw this lip balm I thought - some time I wanted to order this from Amazon, but why to pay about shipping if it's right here about 2,40 euros? Also this lip balm is for chapped lips, SPF 15 so I'm pretty excited about trying out this balm as well! Maybe you have tried these lips products? Share with your thoughts below!!! 



Colgate MAX WHITE ONE mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush + Thank you, Kamilla

Hey! Long weekend behind. And I'm going to work again tomorrow. How are you? What do you do? Enjoy summer or work? Last Friday I was home when others went on adventures. I haven't sat at home on Friday night for so long, but it was amazingly good feeling to wake up completely sober and go to work without hangover, aching knees and headache as well. I appreciate this feeling, even though it's always my own decision to drink night before or not. It was pretty rough day on Saturday. In the evening I was home with my family, as my aunt offered me glass of wine I thought why not? Ended up with two glasses and later went to see my friend Zane for some night ride with her car. In the next morning, again, wake up healthy and happy, avoiding alcoholic drinks or using them minimally is great decision. Well, I can't predict the future - this weekend I'm skipping work and going to sunny and beautiful Salacgrīva to the Positivus festival! Sure it's gonna be big-long lasting party there and all those Jägermeistar stands... Appetizing, right? But I know that I'm not going drink all night, every night because I want to feel good in the next morning and day as well. :)

Today I woke up feeling ill, but after coffee (which I drink rarely) and breakfast I felt way more better so I went to the post office after my gift. Recently I participated in giveaway hosted by Sugarmakeup blog and I won! So happy! And this is not a first time when I have won giveaway hosted by Kamilla. But I swear, this is just a coincidence! Thank you for chance to participate, I'm super happy!

Mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush. I'm so excited to try these products!
Thank you one more time!!!


What would you take to festival? Sure it depends on weather: as it's half-time raining and half-time sun is shining here in Latvia, weather is not that bad but still tricky. So what I will take with me? Definitely leather jacket and warm scarf for cold evenings. For sunny moments? Few shirts & shorts. Also, comfy underwear... Ok, I'm going with both comfy and sexy! What else... Oh, big bag. Last year I took my suitcase with me and bunch of clothes. Well, don't do that because it's uncomfortable for you and mostly you'll wear 3 outfits and that's it. Except if you're festival fashion guru but for me it's all about feeling good and comfortable. Which festival are you visiting this year? What you always take with yourself? :) 


Happy kid.

Hey! Hope you're all good. Last time when we met I said that I'm going to enjoy my weekend to the fullest, right? Well, it was amazing. On Friday we went to restaurant Ostas Skati! It was my first time there and it's amazing there. Food, service and views. Everything. We had amazing dinner! Also we had a lot of cocktails: my favourite is aperol spritz and we with sister always start our dinner with this drink. After our dinner, we went home but somehow we ended up at family restaurant near to aunts home sipping cocktails. I don't know how I woke up in the next morning. It was about 9 AM and no hangover for me. So we ate breakfast and went for a little shopping spree! As I had work later that day we bought some takeaway sushi and went home. After work I met my dear friend Katrīna and we went to the party at park stage! Great evening except that I fell down and now have bruise on my arm. Well, too much alcohol for me. But to be honest this time it wasn't my bad that I fell. And it wasn't alco as well. Whatever! It was so warm that evening... Like real summer night. Enough of talking, I'm going to share with some photos from my weekend, hope you'll ejoy! :)  

At restaurant Ostas Skati 

Risoto with shrimps! This was amazingly delicious! Could eat this every single day... :)
Happy kid.

Steamed sea salmon with veggies.

Mango soup with sorbert. 

After aperol spritz we had some daiquiri. And after these we repeated. 

As I said, later we continued at family restaurant Hercogs!

Pina Colada for me and Sex on the Beach for sister! 

And some daiquiri for my aunt and ice cream cocktail for my mom! We had amazing evening together... P.S. I hope you don't think that my life is just one big dream and parties, alcohol, or money. I'm working, I'm going submit documents in college soon and I'm trying to be good friend, good sister, daughter... And human! I just felt like I have to say this!

Talk to you soon! 


You have to get lost before you find yourself.

Hey! I'm back with quick update. Last days have been full of adventures. Also yesterday I had such an amazing day at home, doing nothing just sunbathing. Finally I can say that summer is here! Sky is clearly light blue and sun is shining. It's not just warm outside, it's hot. And I love this feeling. Even thought my skin is itchy because I have little allergy because of sun, I guess. I don't know what exactly is happening to my body, my skin, but it's not that bad. And I'm still going outside to enjoy this amazing weather. Also I'm seeing my friends almost everyday. Finally I met my very, very lovely friend Katrīna, for some time she's living here so I wish that we'll spend more time together. I always enjoy time with her and I'm super happy that she's here. Few days ago I went after my certificate, I overslept but my friend Zane called me and said that she'll be droving after me. After that we decided to eat breakfast together at local cafe. I had tasty caesar salad and white coffe. It was lovely morning. Except few other things that annoys me lately, everything is fine. About one of them I can tell you about - after we spend morning together with my friend Zane, we drove to local volleyball field. We sat down and two guys came to us, to talk. Well, lately I can't shut up. It all ended with my number I gave to one of those guys. After three days he have called me about 20x from three diffirent numbers! I'm not joking. I answered to him few times and said that I totally have no time, but he calls after few minutes and offers to meet anyway. On first day I had lovely evening with my friend Katrīna and Zane, he called, I said that I have no time, I'm with my friends and we have a plan, but still he offered me and my friends to come to his place. Jesus! Guy is about 25++ years old. And so annoying. All those calls. Never give your number to anyone except your family members :D OK, today I'm going to capital city for some time with my girls - sister, mom & aunt. Hope you all will have amazingly hot weekend! Enjoy this sunny time! :) 


Caesar salad! 

Coffee for me.. :) 

New babies from ASOS! Post about these coming soon :)

Talk to you soon!