Nothing lasts forever

I'm super mad right now! I'm super confused all week. This week again was full of adventures and confusing emotions as well. Actually, I'm happy right now. Actually, I've been happy for so long. And I don't want to brag. And I don't want something bad to happen. But I can teach you something - if you avoid contact with all the people who have made you feel worthless and bad - you will feel way more better. And when you're done with this step, there is another one - do not involve in fights. Better keep your mouth shut and think, better reply calmly. I'm still working on these steps. But there is someone on who these steps works. And we can always talk 15 minutes after the fight. Anyways, it's time to get ready and do something tonight. I can't sit home, it's been too long. It's time to see friends and have some good time. At least that's what I'm thinking about even though I've plans for tomorrow morning and in the evening I'm having evening shift at work. On days like these seems like I'm super busy, but actually it was like that last summer. Not just work but some good time with friends as well. But this summer it's not as hot as I'm dreaming of, so mostly we with friends decide to sit home and have some drinks later at nearest pub. We're not going to the beach, we're not going to have some fun at capital city, we're not even planning because of weather. Oh well, here are some photos from last summer, few snaps. 


The 1975 @ Positivus. Going again this summer! 

Drinks at family party last summer. Delicious :) 

4 komentāri:

  1. Nevaru sagaidīt, kad iestāsies labāks un vēl siltāks laiks! Pēdējās dienas ir bijušas diezgan daudzsološas un cerams jau pavisam drīz varēšu braukt uz pludmali! :)
    Ļoti vēlos šogad arī aizbraukt uz Positivus festivālu, jo pagājušo gad patiešām lieliski pavadīju laiku! Un noteikti vēlos redzēt Placebo koncertu! :)


    1. Oujā, šeit nu mūsu domas sakrīt vārds vārdā! :) Nevaru sagaidīt braucienu uz jūru, tāpat kā Positivus! Uz Placebo noteikti došos!!! :) Ceru, ka siltais laiks pavisam drīz pietuvosies mums!!!

  2. Amazing pictures! xx