First June

I'm back! I was super busy last week, starting with my favorite cousins music school graduation on Thursday and family dinner later. On Friday it was graduation for my little brother, I can't believe that he's so big already! I still remember day when I got home and my mom was holding him, little baby and I was so afraid of holding him so I didn't touch him for the first month! Oh, and now he's 7 years old and this year he will start to go to school. After his graduation we went to celebrate with family. And in the evening I went to see my friends, we chilled and went to the pub little bit. There I met my old colleague who now lives in Denmark. It was such a nice talk with her, I was super happy that we met! This weekend was full of adventures! On Saturday I had full shift at job, but when I got home I had no choice - I had to see my friends that night even though I was super tired. But I got ready in 15 minutes and went to see them! Later we went to ball which happened in our city, but at the end we didn't bought tickets and went to the pub. No people there, just me and 3 of my friends dancing and having fun! I love evenings like these. Yesterday I went to work again, later met my friend Zane for some cheese cake & sparkling wine. We had some great time together, later 2 of our friends joined us and at the end of the evening we were sitting next to the bottle of cheap vodka (which actually costed way too much than usually) and laughing! It was six in the morning and I went home. It was so bright outside, oh my oh, summer is here!!! I can believe that next three months even if I'm going to be at work or with friends it will be sunny and it will be warm, and even if it's going to rain it doesn't matter. Summer is my favorite season and it always makes me feel gooood! :) 

So I haven't posted anything except Instagram type of photos for so long and I'm sorry for that. Soon I will post something new & interesting. But today I'm sharing with inspiring collage and few links so you can always find me on social media :) Talk to you later!

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  1. Your pictures are amazing!


    Laura xx

    1. These are not mine, this collage is made by photos I found on Weheartit.