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Weather today is simpy amazing, except it could be less windy as it is. I'm organizing my wardrobe today and drinking some mineral water because after yesterdays hangover I've understood that I'm not drinking water enough. Yesterday morning I went to the capital city for some shopping, there are some simple buys I'm definitely going to show you guys soon! :) Overall I'm feeling good both pysically and mentally as well, it's good. As I'm done with cleaning my wardrobe I'm going to get ready to work, it's starting after 40 minutes. As I'm going there with bike it's going to be 5 minutes. So that's how it is. Hope you're all feeling fine and having good time!

Suppp? Yes, I'm not normal but if you're interested in my Snapchat: elizabeteo
Talk to you soon,

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  1. Hello,
    You have a nice blog :)
    i am following you on GFC, you can also follow me back please !
    Kisses ! <3
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    1. Oh, thank you dear! I will get back to your blog asap.

  2. You are so pretty. :)
    Cant wait to see the buys!


    1. Thank you so much Ivana! :)) Going to share with them soon!