We miss the sun..

Hello! How are you? Hope you're doing just fine. Oh, last days have been so relaxing. I've been home doing nothing. I went to work from Saturday to Tuesday with one day off. So on days when I don't have to go to work I just relax at home. Except, on Tuesday evening I went to celebrate midsummer with few of my friends. I went home early because I was tired and wet - it was raining all day, all night. I can't withstand rain. Seriously, June in Latvia have never been so cold and wet and windy. I can't wait for the moment when it's going to be warm and sunny. No, not just warm but hot and sunny! I love summer and it should be sunny and hot, not rainy. So, because of weather mostly I spend my time at home when it's cold and rainy, because what else can I do? I just make tea and turn on my computer and watch some episodes of Orange Is the New Black. Seriously, it's so good! Do you watch it? What do you think? Also I'm trying to get to know my new baby - MacBook Air. I've always wanted mac but I've always been afraid of it. Like, it's so easy to work with Windows system and I've been using Windows since I was 11 years old. But now, after 8 years it's time to use another system. Will see how good we'll maintain good relationship! Today I'm sharing with few snaps I have made lately.

One of our three kittens we have at home right now! Sure thing that we'll give them away as usual, but my heart hurts a bit when I think about it. I know that it's childish to care so much, because I know that I will say goodbye to them anyway, but they all got so little lovely hearts inside of them and every morning when I bring breakfast and say 'čauuu' to all of them they jump out of their bed and come to me. Everyone deserves a kiss and hug. And then they eat breakfast. I really love them all, I care about them so much that it breaks my heart knowing that soon they all will have new home. And it happens every fucking year. Oh well. 

My new baby MacBook Air and breakfast smoothie. 

Breakfast smoothie this morning: 2 bananas, few strawnberries, few wild strawnberries, cinnamon, mint leaves + ice. It was super tasty! 

All of flowers I got from my graduation! Oh, it was so beautiful! Everytime I walked in my room it firstly smelled fantastic and secondly it looked amazing as well. I'm so thankful for everyone who gave me flowers because I love to receive them. Thank you.

Talk to you soon!


Let's talk about books | Happy Guide

Hello! How are you? Hope you're all feeling good. :) Recently I had amazing chance to read a really good book - Happy Guide. Mostly I don't have time for reading, but this time book was too interesting or should I say super inspiring! Also it took just few hours to read it, so if you're lazy book reader you will like this one! More about Happy Guide - it's a book about health and happiness. It's about our lifestyle nowadays and how it affects us morally and physically, but not only - this book gives few amazing tips that we should always remember, like be drug free, eat and drink right, sleep well and live in the moment. Simply as that, right? But Happy Guide gives way more simple & inspiring tips and quotes as well. Why I recommend to read Happy Guide? It's not just a new book, or a new hit, but authors wrote the book for over 20 years, can you believe it? I'm trying to say, that this book is full of great answers and advices. 
Also, as you may know that I suffer from anxiety and hidden little depression (do not take this too serious, I'm just saying that sometimes I get too apathetic and careless about life) as well = I've been through rough times and this book was reminder to myself - think about yourself, be nice to your body and mind, love yourself and be happy. 

click here to learn more: happy.guide
P.S. On Happy Guide home page they offer you one chapter for free!

Talk to you soon!

HEY! Happy Guide is now free! Now you can read all book on internet! 


My graduation! Finally!

Hi! How are you? Hope you're fine. Last days have been pretty stressful. It was so hot past few days and it's amazing, I love this kind of weather as you already know because that's all I talk about. But there was something about what I was not excited to be honest so I didn't talk about it on blog - my graduation. But on Friday, on graduation day I understood that I can't wait for my graduation. Last day with my classmates, last day seeing my teachers, last day at school which made me cry like a baby for so long. It's all over. High school time is over. It was sunny and really warm day, after graduation we made some photos with class and friends, with our families. My dear lovely family and relatives gave me so beautiful flowers, so beautiful flower boquets and in the next day gifts as well. I can't be more grateful than I am. I'm so happy that I have such an amazing family! On Friday evening we went to party with our classmates and friends, it was pretty rough night, but also calm and great party with great people. Again, I cannot be more grateful about people who surround me. On Saturday morning woke up and had huge hangover. But it all went well, I ate some breakfast and started to make food for my graduation party for family. It all went well, day was super sunny again and everybody who came was in good mood. We had some great time together. Even thought I felt tired and a little bit pissed off all the time because of my hangover (at the end I was home about 6 AM) I enjoyed time with my relatives. I'm so grateful and happy about life right now, I can't believe that something in my life is over now. Twelve years... 

With my best friend Zane! All those twelve years in one class, always together, even though we have been friends only since third grade. Good times together, hard times together but in school we always have fun if we're sitting next to each other :)

My partner in crime Alberts, not only my classmate but close friend of mine. Seriously have been trough such a shit in school but we always defend each other even if we're not right sometimes. Last three years haven't been such a fun without him! :) 

 Talk to you soon!


Meringues, smoothies and good memories.

Hey, how are you? Hope you're good! Yesterday I had so much fun with my friend Zane! We went to the Mežotne, it's very beautiful there, especially at Mežotne palace. We didn't see it from the inside, maybe next time. But area of Mežotne palace is amazing! Like a dream! Across the river is a bridge, it's such a fun to walk trought it, because it seems to be a little bit dangerous. Everything is green outside, so landscape is amazing. Later we decided to have some food so we went to the nearest shop and bought pizza for us, as well as popcorn and some smoothie for myself. Junk food for lunch, why not? It was amazing day, haven't spend my time so productive for so long. I love to see new places and as I visited Mežotne palace for the first time it was simply amazing experience. In the evening I met my friends and we had pretty rough night, today I feel like shit. Not going to drink like that again. Ever. But OK, I'm still young, right?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Who doesn't love meringues? Everybody! Today and my sis made them... And they're VEGAN! Super easy. Wanna recipe?

I can't imagine my morning without fresh smoothie! I only use banana and frozen berries + mint leaves + cinnamon. Simple, tasty & healthy.

Before going to my cousins graduation!

Shopping time at Galerija Rīga. Nothing to do there unless you're going to Terrace Riga.

Yesterday at Mežotne palace, as I said it's simply amazing there. Beautiful view.

Talk to you soon!


Thunder only happens when it's raining.

Hi! How are you? I'm good. I wanted to talk about friendship today. Lately I've been thinking about meaning of friendship. Does real friendship exist? What is meaning of true friendship? How we will ever know who's going to stay in our lives and who's going to leave? 
In last 30 days I've lost two close persons. And it feels like it have never happened. I'm just living my life like nothing has happened. Few years ago when I had some rough time with my best friend I tried to improve our relationships, actually I've done it so many times with so many people. And everything went well, I'm happy that today my best friend is here for me. But what about another close people in my life? I'm not fighting for them anymore. I'm tired of this teenage drama. I'm over it. It's easier to let it go. Especially when person you love have proved that you mean nothing. I talked to another friend about this situation and he said: ''It's hard to maintain good relationship if you're the one who's always texting, who's always asking out. If other person decides to sit home or do another things for too long, you get tired. You get tired of being the one who's running after person who don't even put effort in your relationships.'' And yes, it's like that. You can't fight all the time. Why you should do it if you've done so much in past? 
It's time to let go. Past days there have been so many situations which proved to me that it's all good. I will always have people next to me who write me text messages everday and ask: ''How are you today?'' ''Wanna spend some time together?'' These people will always be next to me because they've proved it. Not only with texting. For example I will always be grateful about friendship I've with girl I know for about 8 years now, on New Years Eve I felt super bad, I had anxiety attack and she was next to me all the time. I slept next to her on the sofa and she talked to me until I felt good. She was the only one who was there for me since moment it started to the moment it was over, while others was partying in another room and going trough that room just asked: ''Feeling fine? You'll be fine!'' I'm not saying that some friends are better than others, but each one of them have proved that in diffirent situations they'll be next to me. And I will be next to them whenever it's needed. 
I'm feeling fine and I hope you do too. :) Do you have been trough diffirent situations with friends? Share with me! I would like to know. 


Briefly // Add me on Snapchat

Weather today is simpy amazing, except it could be less windy as it is. I'm organizing my wardrobe today and drinking some mineral water because after yesterdays hangover I've understood that I'm not drinking water enough. Yesterday morning I went to the capital city for some shopping, there are some simple buys I'm definitely going to show you guys soon! :) Overall I'm feeling good both pysically and mentally as well, it's good. As I'm done with cleaning my wardrobe I'm going to get ready to work, it's starting after 40 minutes. As I'm going there with bike it's going to be 5 minutes. So that's how it is. Hope you're all feeling fine and having good time!

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Talk to you soon,


Nothing lasts forever

I'm super mad right now! I'm super confused all week. This week again was full of adventures and confusing emotions as well. Actually, I'm happy right now. Actually, I've been happy for so long. And I don't want to brag. And I don't want something bad to happen. But I can teach you something - if you avoid contact with all the people who have made you feel worthless and bad - you will feel way more better. And when you're done with this step, there is another one - do not involve in fights. Better keep your mouth shut and think, better reply calmly. I'm still working on these steps. But there is someone on who these steps works. And we can always talk 15 minutes after the fight. Anyways, it's time to get ready and do something tonight. I can't sit home, it's been too long. It's time to see friends and have some good time. At least that's what I'm thinking about even though I've plans for tomorrow morning and in the evening I'm having evening shift at work. On days like these seems like I'm super busy, but actually it was like that last summer. Not just work but some good time with friends as well. But this summer it's not as hot as I'm dreaming of, so mostly we with friends decide to sit home and have some drinks later at nearest pub. We're not going to the beach, we're not going to have some fun at capital city, we're not even planning because of weather. Oh well, here are some photos from last summer, few snaps. 


The 1975 @ Positivus. Going again this summer! 

Drinks at family party last summer. Delicious :) 


Stripes for sure because they'll never go out of style, white skinnies and nude sandals = simple outfit which you can brighten up with colorful bag and some fine jewelry as well! I hope that soon it's going to feel like real summer, right now it's warm but cloudy! I want to go to the beach as soon as possible! :) 


First June

I'm back! I was super busy last week, starting with my favorite cousins music school graduation on Thursday and family dinner later. On Friday it was graduation for my little brother, I can't believe that he's so big already! I still remember day when I got home and my mom was holding him, little baby and I was so afraid of holding him so I didn't touch him for the first month! Oh, and now he's 7 years old and this year he will start to go to school. After his graduation we went to celebrate with family. And in the evening I went to see my friends, we chilled and went to the pub little bit. There I met my old colleague who now lives in Denmark. It was such a nice talk with her, I was super happy that we met! This weekend was full of adventures! On Saturday I had full shift at job, but when I got home I had no choice - I had to see my friends that night even though I was super tired. But I got ready in 15 minutes and went to see them! Later we went to ball which happened in our city, but at the end we didn't bought tickets and went to the pub. No people there, just me and 3 of my friends dancing and having fun! I love evenings like these. Yesterday I went to work again, later met my friend Zane for some cheese cake & sparkling wine. We had some great time together, later 2 of our friends joined us and at the end of the evening we were sitting next to the bottle of cheap vodka (which actually costed way too much than usually) and laughing! It was six in the morning and I went home. It was so bright outside, oh my oh, summer is here!!! I can believe that next three months even if I'm going to be at work or with friends it will be sunny and it will be warm, and even if it's going to rain it doesn't matter. Summer is my favorite season and it always makes me feel gooood! :) 

So I haven't posted anything except Instagram type of photos for so long and I'm sorry for that. Soon I will post something new & interesting. But today I'm sharing with inspiring collage and few links so you can always find me on social media :) Talk to you later!

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