First and Last

Hey! How are you? I'm good! I've been sitting home all day, I still feel tired and sleepy but I've done so much today! I had big cleaning spree in my room, there is ain't no dust here. I'm shocked how I did it all by myself, because as I said before I still feel tired because of weekend. I had `Last Call` at school, it all went good, two little boys brought me (or should I say that I did it) in hall as everyone else who had `Last Call` that day and then we celebrated our last year, last call. Everything was amazing! I just couldn't believe that this is it. Just two exams and graduation! Oh my.. After enjoying suprise from class which is graduating next year we all went to home to pack our bags and then we went straigt to Ventspils. We had amazing time there! We went on a trip on boat, we went trought forest to amusement park Lemberga Hūte with train, we went to the sea and it was super windy there, also few with us escaped from our camping and went clubbing. We did so many crazy things there, it was amazing night and I'm super happy that I've so crazy friends! We just called to taxi and after 5 minutes we we're in! It was our first time clubbing in Ventspils and we didn't know anything - where to go, etc. And of course, me and my friend forgot our documents at camping. Well.. After some talk and help from people who live there we were in and had some amazing time! In the next morning I shouted that I will never drink again and friend from room next to us started to laugh loudly. We had some big and good breakfast at our camping and then we went to the sea one more time, but it was still windy and cold there. So we went back, took our bags and went to the buss and after few hours we were home. I went straight to bed because I felt like shit. In the evening I ate big dinner and went to bed again. I doesn't remember the last time when I had so much fun, when I drank so much alcohol (don't get me wrong, this time we just drank all the time) and felt so good all the time! This was amazing trip with my classmates and I'm super thankful that I have so amazing friends. :) 

Photo by my friend Alberts (Go Pro) // That evening was amazing! We, three friends went to the sea and it was so windy. All of us were quite drunk and we had so much fun! 

In the morning at school! Me and my girl Lāsma :)

In the next morning we came back to the sea as I said before and had some Jägermeister. 
Talk to you soon!

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