There is no time to stop

Hey! Long time no see, but as you may know last week was simply to busy for me. I had to last exams in Latvian language and math as well. I'm so happy that it's over now. Just two (or three) more weeks and it's my graduation! I can't wait! Last week was full of good memories - after first exam we with my friend decided to make lunch together so we made fried chicked with braised veggies and little bit of champagne as well! Well, we had to celebrate! But it all ended up with three bottles of cheap champagne trought day and at the end of the evening we went to McDonalds for some junk food. Day by day we spent all our free time together. On Thursday we had math exam and after that we made amazingly delicious lasagna with grainy curd and champignons! At the end of the evening we went to Vecrīga with our friends, we danced and had good time together. Also I had amazing weekend with closest friends and yesterday I went to work, full day shift. It was so hard yesterday! I felt like fool all day, starting with one glass I broke and ending with ice cream which fell out of the bowl and coke which I poured on table. We had so many people coming and coming in pub that in the evening I felt so sick. But today I'm having full day off so I woke up late, had quick shower and good breakfast. After all great dishes me & my friend made last week, this week until graduation I will eat less and better. I'm sharing with few snaps from last week, talk to you soon!

Those summer nights in capital city. Blurred lines.

When we with Zane saw beautiful sunset we just had to go out and take some photos.


First and Last

Hey! How are you? I'm good! I've been sitting home all day, I still feel tired and sleepy but I've done so much today! I had big cleaning spree in my room, there is ain't no dust here. I'm shocked how I did it all by myself, because as I said before I still feel tired because of weekend. I had `Last Call` at school, it all went good, two little boys brought me (or should I say that I did it) in hall as everyone else who had `Last Call` that day and then we celebrated our last year, last call. Everything was amazing! I just couldn't believe that this is it. Just two exams and graduation! Oh my.. After enjoying suprise from class which is graduating next year we all went to home to pack our bags and then we went straigt to Ventspils. We had amazing time there! We went on a trip on boat, we went trought forest to amusement park Lemberga Hūte with train, we went to the sea and it was super windy there, also few with us escaped from our camping and went clubbing. We did so many crazy things there, it was amazing night and I'm super happy that I've so crazy friends! We just called to taxi and after 5 minutes we we're in! It was our first time clubbing in Ventspils and we didn't know anything - where to go, etc. And of course, me and my friend forgot our documents at camping. Well.. After some talk and help from people who live there we were in and had some amazing time! In the next morning I shouted that I will never drink again and friend from room next to us started to laugh loudly. We had some big and good breakfast at our camping and then we went to the sea one more time, but it was still windy and cold there. So we went back, took our bags and went to the buss and after few hours we were home. I went straight to bed because I felt like shit. In the evening I ate big dinner and went to bed again. I doesn't remember the last time when I had so much fun, when I drank so much alcohol (don't get me wrong, this time we just drank all the time) and felt so good all the time! This was amazing trip with my classmates and I'm super thankful that I have so amazing friends. :) 

Photo by my friend Alberts (Go Pro) // That evening was amazing! We, three friends went to the sea and it was so windy. All of us were quite drunk and we had so much fun! 

In the morning at school! Me and my girl Lāsma :)

In the next morning we came back to the sea as I said before and had some Jägermeister. 
Talk to you soon!


Get Outta My Way

Hey! How are you? Last two days have been crazy for me. But surely in a good way! I had two rough days at school because I had to rewrite few tests and reviews to improve grades. It all went smooth except physics lesson because I totally suck at physics but I'm so thankful to my teacher because she helped me a lot these two days and today I can say that it is it! Finally I'm done with school and semester grades and year grades and everything. Just two exams and I'm done! These have been so rough years because my fights with mom always started because of my grades, because of school life. I just can't imagine that we will ever again fight about school. Sure, I've set in Uni or at least college but I won't gonna live with my mom anymore, so there won't gonna be fights like these anymore. I'm super happy about that. So, so happy that last two days I've been listening to every Kylie Minogue song, all of them are just so energetic and powerful, especially the old ones. When I told this to my friends both of them just was shocked - `Who the hell listens to this kind of music these days? Who even is she? I don't like her!` Well, this is me. I listen to everything that makes me feel good. I will listen to trippy shit and then I'm going to listen something from 1980s. And I need to mention that back in childhood me and my Sis had Kylie's album and whenever we had time and good mood we listened to it and danced to the fullest! I loved every single song back then and to be true I love every single song today as well. Looking back at these days just makes me feel better, there is always a smile on my face when I hear song which was my favorite one back then when I was little! And what makes you feel better? Do you still listen to old hits? Let me know! 

Today I'm sharing with few Insta snapshots again. Also I've to mention that all these photos mostly are the same size as Instagram photos so posts like these I label as `Instagram` ones even though I post super rarely there. I promise that soon I'm going to post more there! :)

Today made some Panna Cotta with my sister! 

On Sunday evening after long day at work. This is part of my work place, it's so beautiful there in summer time.. :)

Talk to you soon! 


May 10

Hey! How is it going? Nothing big happened to me today, in the morning woke up to give our mom mango cake with sister and brother, had breakfast with family and then I went straight to the work. Everything went smooth! And it's always such a fun when works one of my favourite colleagues - she's super funny and relaxed all the time. At least that's how I see her. :) 
I wanted to share with some photos today from yesterday, we had a little walk with Sis and took some photos as well. I wanted to improve lights and make photos just a bit darker but as usual PhotoScape damaged my photos. I just can't open them! I was so pissed off, but this time I knew what to do with them - at least PhotoScape have a folder `originals` so I took my original photos out and decided to try out PPE which didn't work as well because I had to resize photos to smaller ones. Nobody have time for that! So again I used Chrome app that never disappoints me - BeFunky photo editor. It's maybe not the best photo editor in the world, but it's the best editor that I've found. And I know that it's time for learning how to work with Photoshop! When I will get new computer I will try Photoshop, because this baby is getting older and older. So that's how it is. What photo editor do you use? Let me know! :)

Jacket (new) from Reserved
Tank top from Lindex

Jeans from H&M
Ted Baker clutch

Thomas Sabo bracelet

I think that I've said like millions times how happy I am about this cute little charm I got from my auntie! Whenever I look at it I realize how happy I am! I'm grateful about everything life gives to me, for every single thing in my life no matter if it's good or bad.

Hope everyone had wonderful day! Especially our mommies!!!


New in: Thomas Sabo

How is going guys? My week was like a roller coaster, beginning of week was such a shit, haven't been so pissed for a long time. But in other hand there is things that I can't change, there is people which I don't need in my life, there is a situations that I need to experience and overall - last month was wonderful experience, and I'm glad that everything happened like it happened - so fast, so easy and it all ended up so fast, so easy. I'm feeling good! :) Also yesterday and this day have been such a successful days that I smile all the time! Yesterday after school me and sister went to the capital city to meet with our auntie! We did some shopping and I'm super happy because I bought few things that I really needed this season and also I bought dress for my graduation! It's such a beauty, I can't wait for my graduation. Also I received little gift from Thomas Sabo, it's a new charm for my bracelet. This time I decided to own super cute silver elephant and actually it was predictable choise because lately I'm crazy about elephants! It may sound weird, but I've two elephant figurines on my table (one I got from Egypt, other one is gift from Africa) and one magnet in front of me right now, as well as one elephant (it's a toy) sleeps in my bed. I'm obssesed with these animals - I think that they're so beautiful and good-natured, also everyone says that they bring us good luck, etc. So back to the point this post was about - my weekend, after shopping we went to dine! This time we went to family restaurant Hercogs! It's so comfy there and food is amazing. Today we also did little shopping and ate ice cream together and then we went home. It's Saturday and I'm having math tutor late today, so I'm not going to do something fun tonight. :) I'm sharing few insta snaps (which of course I haven't posted)

Shopping time!

My new baby! It's super cute, as well as packaging.

Salmon fillet with pearl barley 

Bought some mini-not-so-mini macaroons for mom & brother! He as well had cupcake with that cute baby pig on it!

Talk to you soon! 


It's May!

Hi! How are you? Hope you're all good! I'm fine, even though last few days was upside-down party for me - I went out with my best friend on Thursday, we had amazing night together, it was super funny!! But on Friday when I decided to see my other babe for some quick talk I started to feel super dizzy and anxious. After she said me that it may be hangover which makes me feel weak I calmed down and so when I got home I was going straight to bed. In the Saturday morning I felt good and I already forgot about Friday evening, so I went to my math tutor. After 30 minutes I started to feel dizzy and super anxious again, I just freaked out but I didn't say anything to my teacher. I tried to do tasks but in my head I was thinking about running home and I just wanted to get out of teachers home and run, run, run. While doing tasks I was asking to my tutor about 6-8 times: ''What I'm doing wrong? What's wrong? I don't understand!'' And she helped but she was also puzzled how the hell I can't do tasks which we just did. When I got home I went straight to bed. After few hours I woke up to drink my heart medicine. Then I went to shower and started to get ready. While my hair was still wet I went to the bed for little power nap. After that I got ready to see my friend. When I saw her I finally felt better. We took vodka home with us and we had great night until we went to pub and I again felt like shit. So we went home immediately. In the next morning I woke up and felt little bit anxious and I thought: when again I'm going to crash? Like it's one moment I can't recognize faces, numbers I'm just thinking of how to get home... Anyways, I went to work, and it went well, even it was super stressful day. Later I went to see my relative, she had party at her house. It was interesting evening. As well as night, we chilled with few friends later. So that's how it's going. Actually, even though this weekend was such a nightmare in some ways... I know that I can get over this anxiety. Maybe it's just spring tiredness + stress which is causing anxiety, but I'm gonna be fine! :) Today I'm sharing with few snaps I took this weekend!

Gift from my babe Lāsma, she got me this beauty, another gold necklase and Cadburdy Oreo chocolate bar (I adore Cadbury chocolate) from her trip to UK. 

Took this photo this morning.

The simplest flowers but the choice of colors - unique

Avocado quesadillas made by my sister! Super simple, super tasty!
Talk to you later:)*