Denim on Denim

I'm somewhere between 'busy' and 'tired', seriously. I'm checking blog all day but I haven't felt inspired to write yet. My thoughts = mess. Everything is good, I'm feeling fine (OK, it could be better because since yesterday my head hurts + right arm and it's hard to breath, but not all the time) I feel like everything in life is good right now, so good that I'm waiting for something bad to happen because it's like that all the time. Because there is no good without bad, right? I'm going to school, last few weeks and it's going to be over. Everything outside school life is even better, even with friends who I don't talk often lately. There is nothing that I could complain about. Maybe weather could be better: it's rainy, cold. But even though it wasn't good today me & sis went out for a ride with bike. That was fun, but today I feel so tireeeed. Just few days until weekend and I really can't wait! I want to do something fun!!! :) okay, here's photo of me and talk to you soon guys. :)*

Favorite look of last week: my new denim shirt (Reserved) and patch on my forehead, haha.

6 komentāri:

  1. the shirt is super cool :)


    anna from stylelovely.com/mimundonormal

  2. Cik nu varu spriest pēc bildes- krekliņš izskatās patiešām foršs, ļoti patīk denim krekli tumši zilās krāsās! :)
    Cīnies ar savu nogurumu- pavasarim tas ir diezgan raksturīgi- centies iziet pēc iespējas vairāk saulītē, kā arī uzņemt daudz vitamīnus!


    1. Cerams drīzumā būs labs, silts & saulains laiks, lai uzņemtu bildes ar šo kreklu + uzņemtu arī saules doto vitamīnu devu :)

  3. Your look is making that shirt to look great.