2 months ahead

Hello! Long time no see, again! But I've been busy. Something is going on and I cannot hide that I'm happy about it. Will see how it's going to be. Maybe I will tell you more later. :) I've been partying like crazy past days, since Thursday - till Monday. Non-stop. Since Thursday three days (nights) in a row I was at my friends house just chilling with friend, having some fun time. On Sunday we went to the capital city to see one of the best rap performer (Jesus, I've no idea how to write it correctly) - Edavārdi and actually the only one who in my eyes have grown and works hard. OK, I don't usually listen to that kind of music but as my friend Zane used to do it often, I know who is he and I've heard a lot of his songs. And in person he seems to be cool and friendly. On Monday we went to picnic with friends, even though we sat in car because it was windy and a little bit cold - it was lovely afternoon with friends, some beers & food as well. This time I've no photos to share with, I'm sorry. But as it's April and even better - it's a new month I'm sharing with my links and of course inspiring collage made by photos I found on weheartit page.

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Talk to you soon!
Hope this month is going to be colorful & full of love to you guys. 

2 komentāri:

  1. Es ceru, ka Aprilis tev bus tik labveligs ari turpmak un dienas paies viegli un jautri ar draugiem.


    1. Liels paldies Ramona! Iepriecinošs vēlējums, kas cerams piepildīsies. Vēlu arī tev siltu, skaistu aprīļa mēnesi. :)