Block Heel Sandal // Nelly.com

Oh, weekend, here I come! How are you guys? I'm feeling good. I have no idea if I'm doing something cool tonight, probably not. But what I'm going to do right now - tidy up my room. It is time to take rag, carpet sweeper and clean everything. Also I have to organize my clothes, I don't want to but I've tradition - when something new comes in, everything in wardrobe has to look perfect. It's like a celebration. It may sound funny or weird, but that's how it is, haha. 
And if you're thinking what is it.. Well, you already know because I believe that everyone of you firstly reads post title before opens it - block heel sandal from Nelly.com! Oh, these are so comfy and good looking as well.. Dream shoes.. Finally, I will start to walk in heels because I still haven't learned how to (such a kid, I know) and these babies are just perfect for learning. I'm super excited! And they will look good with so many outfits, I'm already dreaming of outfits I'm going to wear when it's going to be even warmer! So here you got some photos, hope you'll like them! :)

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Hey guys! How are you? I'm fine, even though I'm sick - throat abscess, yaaay! But today I'm feeling better. Today I went to school stadium with few of my classmates to judge boys in disc throwing, damn, this wasn't first time of judging but disc throwing is actually interesting sport. After we were done they gave us pizza for helping, for every one of us they gave medium salami pizza, like it was so generous from them that I almost cried, haha! No, but really, I was super happy about that, because it was cold and rainy and we were tired as well. So I went straight to home with my pizza and ate it all alone because I deserved it (that's how you love yourself, guys, just spoil yourself, haha)! Also, it was so sunny on Monday, like I was walking around with my friend just in t-shirt and pants, no jacket, but yesterday it started to rain and today it rained as well, but right now it seems to be nice, but it's still cold. 
I haven't been outside today with friends, I just sleep at home and watch tv, seems that I'm not in the mood.. But what I wanted to say is that, this is the reason why I write here so rarely lately. I'm giving to much time and energy to my friends and when I get home it's too late to write about something and it's to late to make photos of things I've bought lately or outfit photos, blablabla, the problem is that I don't even try to update blog because I'm out of time! School, friends, measures & weekends, work and other things, from morning 'till night and there's no time for blogging. I've understood that I have to write down day plan in my planner, in which I haven't writed anything for about 2 months now. If I will organize my time I will find more time for blogging. Some of you may ask: Why do you do that? Maybe you don't have to update blog if it's too hard for you! Answer is simple. Blog is part of myself which I never want to lose. This is almost like my diary. This is my memory notebook. This is me. And I will continue no matter what. 

Denim shirt: Reserved
Jeans: H&M
Leather jacket: Nelly.com
Cut out boots: Nelly.com 



Denim on Denim

I'm somewhere between 'busy' and 'tired', seriously. I'm checking blog all day but I haven't felt inspired to write yet. My thoughts = mess. Everything is good, I'm feeling fine (OK, it could be better because since yesterday my head hurts + right arm and it's hard to breath, but not all the time) I feel like everything in life is good right now, so good that I'm waiting for something bad to happen because it's like that all the time. Because there is no good without bad, right? I'm going to school, last few weeks and it's going to be over. Everything outside school life is even better, even with friends who I don't talk often lately. There is nothing that I could complain about. Maybe weather could be better: it's rainy, cold. But even though it wasn't good today me & sis went out for a ride with bike. That was fun, but today I feel so tireeeed. Just few days until weekend and I really can't wait! I want to do something fun!!! :) okay, here's photo of me and talk to you soon guys. :)*

Favorite look of last week: my new denim shirt (Reserved) and patch on my forehead, haha.


2 months ahead

Hello! Long time no see, again! But I've been busy. Something is going on and I cannot hide that I'm happy about it. Will see how it's going to be. Maybe I will tell you more later. :) I've been partying like crazy past days, since Thursday - till Monday. Non-stop. Since Thursday three days (nights) in a row I was at my friends house just chilling with friend, having some fun time. On Sunday we went to the capital city to see one of the best rap performer (Jesus, I've no idea how to write it correctly) - Edavārdi and actually the only one who in my eyes have grown and works hard. OK, I don't usually listen to that kind of music but as my friend Zane used to do it often, I know who is he and I've heard a lot of his songs. And in person he seems to be cool and friendly. On Monday we went to picnic with friends, even though we sat in car because it was windy and a little bit cold - it was lovely afternoon with friends, some beers & food as well. This time I've no photos to share with, I'm sorry. But as it's April and even better - it's a new month I'm sharing with my links and of course inspiring collage made by photos I found on weheartit page.

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Talk to you soon!
Hope this month is going to be colorful & full of love to you guys.