tips how to build perfect closet!

Hey! Today I wanted to share with post about which I've been thinking for a long time now: Tips how to build perfect wardrobe! OR should I say how I made my wardrobe full of diffirent clothing pieces -- from simple black & white shirts, jumpers + pants and finally adding some colorful accents like clutches, wristwatches, etc. Also I want to mention that this is just a recommendation and my experience, because everyone has their own opinion about fashion and style, also their own techniques how to build perfect wardrobe; if you don't have one keep reading because this may help you! So let's start:

basic t-shirts // tanks by happinessvictim featuring a pink shirt

First things first: what I've in my wardrobe? Plenty of black shirts - t-shirts, tanks as well as white ones and grey ones. Yes, they're super simple but the best part is that you can wear all these three colors with almost any other color, like grey shirt + purple jacket or fuchsia pink pants. As you may know I still go to school and for me it's important to feel comfy but at the same time look good, also price of clothes is important, I buy things that I can afford, so simple combo like grey shirt + denim jacket or colorful pants is great option and these pieces won't gonna cost too much.

Jumpers by happinessvictim featuring a black long sleeve shirt

Also comfy jumpers like these ones are great option for day when you want to look super simple. Just wear grey or black jumper and denim jeans, converse sneakers and you're done. Another way is to wear grey jumper + white pants and black knee boots, also some big diamond necklase would make your outfit look brighter and more fashionista like. My experience says that you can always find cheap & quality jumpers at H&M :)

Shorts + Jeans // Pants by happinessvictim featuring white skinny jeans

Pants is one of the most important part. Personally I've so many of them! And I'm not bragging, I'm just having some weird fetish, haha. I think that everybody have black jeans, as well as denim jeans + plenty variations of shorts for summer time. I recommend to buy white pants as well because they're perfect for summer time and not only - simple outfits like white pants + black t-shirt and denim jacket OR white pants ft. bright yellow pumps and light yellow top with flowery jacket <-- perfect party look! In my wardrobe I've pair of black pants, white pants + dark denim jeans..  As well as burgundy red pants, camo and pink ones + flower print pants. So right after you own simple ones, it's time to buy colorful pants as well.

Dresses + Skirts by happinessvictim featuring a black dress

You may think that I'm crazy, because - another set of boring black & grey clothing pieces!!! I'm not crazy, right now I'm talking about basics that everyone should know: less is more! Whenever you're wearing grey dress with denim jacket & white converses you will feel good about yourself because there will be just few clothing pieces on you, not too much and you will not worry if something doesn't look good or if something is looking way too heavy in outfit! Talking about black dress, Style Gods have said that every woman need her own little black dress in her wardrobe. So don't worry, we're on the right way.

Footwear by happinessvictim featuring flat pointy shoes

Boots by happinessvictim featuring slip on boots

Next part: footwear! Most of footwear I wear is black *how unpredictable* but black goes with everything! Simple flats, simple sneakers for early autumn & boots, knee boots for winter time (and let's be honest you will not wear nude or colorful boots in winter time because they probably will get dirty) and let's not forget about flats & sandals for spring/summer time + cut out boots! Right after you own some pair of black flats, sneakers, etc you can add to your wardrobe any other kind of footwear in any other color, so later your shoe cabinet will be full of any kind of footwear.

Bags by happinessvictim featuring a black leather purse

Important is to have few big bags as well, like these ones! I really love shopper bags because they're super simple & comfy. But as well I love good quality bags like in this set! Black bag as well is one perfect feature to your outfit, as well as wardrobe .. :) But I'm not saying NO to other bags, because I LOVE bags! I own white summer bag & nude one as well, and for a long time I'm dreaming about fuchsia pink one as well! Let's continue...

Features by happinessvictim featuring beads jewellery

Dream clutches by happinessvictim featuring an evening purse

So this post was about how to build perfect wardrobe, right? Sure it's good to have plenty of simple black, grey & white clothing pieces but it's important to have the right accessories to combine your outfit perfectly! Like nude hat & stylish sunglasses, great jewelry, etc. It's important to build your basics and then add colorful accessories and when your wardrobe is almost done, you add colors to it - like nude bag, colorful scarf and of course colorful dresses, jackets, pants!

Let's not forget about great jewelry. My opinion - better buy jewels recognized in the fashion industry! Yes, they're all expensive BUT they're also super quality. As I mentioned before I still go to school, so I can't afford nothing like Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs, but there is always another brands which - cheaper ones! Like this Fossil wristwatch and my favorite brand - Olivia Burton! I own Olivia Burton wristwatch and it's gorgeous, still works after 2 years and have been trough all of stuff but it's still working and looking great! :)

Combos by happinessvictim featuring a biker jacket

Right now when you have plenty of simple clothing pieces in your closet it's time for some colorful stuff like colorful jacket which you can wear with simple tops OR leather jacket + black/white blouse. When you add some colors to your look it's even better! So another variant is leather jacket + colorful t-shirt! There are plenty of variations when you have basic base of clothing and diffirent accents/clothes which will brighten your outfit!

I hope this post was useful for you! It was such a struggle making it (I'm working with this since Tuesday), but it was also a lot of fun! As I mentioned before this is just a recommendation not ''YOU HAVE TO'' post, this is my experience of how I built content of wardrobe! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)* 


  1. lovely post :) nice weekend :)


    1. Thanks Tijana! Wish you amazing weekend as well :)

  2. Meklēju vasarai kaut ko līdzīgu tām vidējām kurpēm, lai ir viena šaura lenta pāri pirkstiem un otra ap potīti, un lai ir no mākslīgās ādas - pagaidām vēl neesmu atradusi.. bet vēl mazliet ir laiks līdz vasarai :)
    Ļoti patīk pirmā soma - žēl ka no dārgā gala :D
    Jauks ieraksts, tieši šāds man ir mērķis, lai nebūtu tā situācija kad nav ko vilkt mugurā!:)


    1. Jā, par Tavām aprakstītajām kurpēm jau labu laiciņu sapņoju, esmu redzējusi daudz skaistu bilžu, bet neviena bilde neved līdz veikalam. Un ja tomēr ved, tad tā ir īstā ādā vai arī cena, kuru es nevaru atļauties! Veiksmi mums atrast šīs īpašās kurpes līdz vasarai! :))
      Es arī neesmu sajūsmā par somas cenu, bet iekš Polyvore lieliski ir tas, ka vienmēr tiek piedāvātas lētākas ''aizvietotājpreces'' jeb vnk. daudz lētākās līdzīga izskata somas. Un man patiešām liels prieks, ka Tev patika raksts! :)
      Lai Tev lieliska diena!

  3. nice and interesting post, and for right now I'm looking the best black bag, and these looks so nice :)


    anna from stylelovely.com/mimundonormal

    1. Thank you Enik. I hope I helped you a bit with choosing the right bag. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. This is a very insightful post. I love the sets you recommended for different must-have tops, bottoms and accessories.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thank you Jessica! I'm happy that you liked this post. :)