Hey! Hope everyone is fine! :) Haven't posted anything for a long time and I do have excuse this time. Last weekend was full of colorful events: on Friday I went to sisters friend house to chill with guys, on Saturday I went to job and in the evening we celebrated 20th birthday of 2 of our friends, on Sunday - again I went to job and I've to say, that it all went good except when I got home I realised that I'm having huge hangover. On this Monday I had English exam and on Tuesday I had talking part in which I actually did good, I didn't expect my results to be as good as they are, because I had some not-so-smooth dialogue on exam. I know my talking part results, but not total score I got on exam, I'm going to know my results after graduating. I mentioned results because if you also living in Latvia & had English exam on Monday/Tuesday - how did it went? Tell me! After talking part exam for me was done, done and again done! So I with my friend Zane went to capital city to cinema. Unfortunately, all of movies had already begun, so only one which was in the appropriate time was that new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. Actually, it was funny. After movie we went for a walk around old city and then we sat on the bench in front of Krastmala (embankment) and enjoyed warm rays of the sun and view in front of us. When we went back home I decided to join lil' party, because it have never killed nobody, haha. After that long night today I feel pretty shity & at the same time good. I've never experienced to feel both good & bad at the same time, haha, it's pretty hard right now. When I got home I was so energetic that I did my laundry, organized my wardrobe, organized my working desk, also cleaned house as much as it's possible and after quick power nap I went outside to rake leaves. So that's how it is right now. I'm having 2 free weeks (OK, if we're being honest that including this day = 11 days) and I'm going to enjoy them as much as possible. Also in the next week I'm planning to go to school to improve my grades as well.. Maybe not the best way how to spend holidays but I know that it's all for good. 

Photo from yesterday. 
As I have said before: I don't use Instagram that often, but recently I downloaded SNAPCHAT, so if you're interested, here's my nickname: elizabeteo

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