weekend snaps.

Hey! Hope you're all fine. I'm fine I guess. Colorful weekend behind my back starting with great evening with friend and glass of wine, ending in local pub drinking cider and having fun with others. At moments like these I want shout: ''I love my life! I love this moment!'' I know, so sentimental. Even if it's just evening with friend having some talk & fun, I appreciate it like it's my biggest treasure. I feel blessed. But in other times I want to cry out loud how unhappy I feel time by time. There is only one person who knows how to make me feel like useless shit, she always knows how to make me cry even if I'm person who doesn't do it often. So this was the first time this year. But I good right now, so don't worry. I'm trying to think about all the things I need to do in nearest future and this day as well was amazingly good: time with fam, seeing my brother happy, joking with sis, eating lunch together, walking around the mall & drinking fresh orange juice, etc. As I said I appreciate little things like these and they make me smile even if it's really bad. Today I'm sharing with the weekend snaps, so here we go:

While walking around shops today I found this amazing summer dress! I don't know why the hell I didn't took this to fitting room... Something probably distracted me but I still took a photo. // Oh-my-oh. Well, YES, once you've Apple product you won't gonna enjoy other technology, believe me! At first I didn't like Apple, but when I got my iPhone my opinion changed and let's be honest (!!!) - design is amazingly beautiful. :) I love this iPhone 6 Plus!!! 

Selfie time!!! Before seeing my friend!

Today my Snapchat went on fire! And I mean it! :) Give me your link and ADD ME: elizabeteo 
Talk to you soon! 


tips how to build perfect closet!

Hey! Today I wanted to share with post about which I've been thinking for a long time now: Tips how to build perfect wardrobe! OR should I say how I made my wardrobe full of diffirent clothing pieces -- from simple black & white shirts, jumpers + pants and finally adding some colorful accents like clutches, wristwatches, etc. Also I want to mention that this is just a recommendation and my experience, because everyone has their own opinion about fashion and style, also their own techniques how to build perfect wardrobe; if you don't have one keep reading because this may help you! So let's start:

basic t-shirts // tanks by happinessvictim featuring a pink shirt

First things first: what I've in my wardrobe? Plenty of black shirts - t-shirts, tanks as well as white ones and grey ones. Yes, they're super simple but the best part is that you can wear all these three colors with almost any other color, like grey shirt + purple jacket or fuchsia pink pants. As you may know I still go to school and for me it's important to feel comfy but at the same time look good, also price of clothes is important, I buy things that I can afford, so simple combo like grey shirt + denim jacket or colorful pants is great option and these pieces won't gonna cost too much.

Jumpers by happinessvictim featuring a black long sleeve shirt

Also comfy jumpers like these ones are great option for day when you want to look super simple. Just wear grey or black jumper and denim jeans, converse sneakers and you're done. Another way is to wear grey jumper + white pants and black knee boots, also some big diamond necklase would make your outfit look brighter and more fashionista like. My experience says that you can always find cheap & quality jumpers at H&M :)

Shorts + Jeans // Pants by happinessvictim featuring white skinny jeans

Pants is one of the most important part. Personally I've so many of them! And I'm not bragging, I'm just having some weird fetish, haha. I think that everybody have black jeans, as well as denim jeans + plenty variations of shorts for summer time. I recommend to buy white pants as well because they're perfect for summer time and not only - simple outfits like white pants + black t-shirt and denim jacket OR white pants ft. bright yellow pumps and light yellow top with flowery jacket <-- perfect party look! In my wardrobe I've pair of black pants, white pants + dark denim jeans..  As well as burgundy red pants, camo and pink ones + flower print pants. So right after you own simple ones, it's time to buy colorful pants as well.

Dresses + Skirts by happinessvictim featuring a black dress

You may think that I'm crazy, because - another set of boring black & grey clothing pieces!!! I'm not crazy, right now I'm talking about basics that everyone should know: less is more! Whenever you're wearing grey dress with denim jacket & white converses you will feel good about yourself because there will be just few clothing pieces on you, not too much and you will not worry if something doesn't look good or if something is looking way too heavy in outfit! Talking about black dress, Style Gods have said that every woman need her own little black dress in her wardrobe. So don't worry, we're on the right way.

Footwear by happinessvictim featuring flat pointy shoes

Boots by happinessvictim featuring slip on boots

Next part: footwear! Most of footwear I wear is black *how unpredictable* but black goes with everything! Simple flats, simple sneakers for early autumn & boots, knee boots for winter time (and let's be honest you will not wear nude or colorful boots in winter time because they probably will get dirty) and let's not forget about flats & sandals for spring/summer time + cut out boots! Right after you own some pair of black flats, sneakers, etc you can add to your wardrobe any other kind of footwear in any other color, so later your shoe cabinet will be full of any kind of footwear.

Bags by happinessvictim featuring a black leather purse

Important is to have few big bags as well, like these ones! I really love shopper bags because they're super simple & comfy. But as well I love good quality bags like in this set! Black bag as well is one perfect feature to your outfit, as well as wardrobe .. :) But I'm not saying NO to other bags, because I LOVE bags! I own white summer bag & nude one as well, and for a long time I'm dreaming about fuchsia pink one as well! Let's continue...

Features by happinessvictim featuring beads jewellery

Dream clutches by happinessvictim featuring an evening purse

So this post was about how to build perfect wardrobe, right? Sure it's good to have plenty of simple black, grey & white clothing pieces but it's important to have the right accessories to combine your outfit perfectly! Like nude hat & stylish sunglasses, great jewelry, etc. It's important to build your basics and then add colorful accessories and when your wardrobe is almost done, you add colors to it - like nude bag, colorful scarf and of course colorful dresses, jackets, pants!

Let's not forget about great jewelry. My opinion - better buy jewels recognized in the fashion industry! Yes, they're all expensive BUT they're also super quality. As I mentioned before I still go to school, so I can't afford nothing like Michael Kors or Marc by Marc Jacobs, but there is always another brands which - cheaper ones! Like this Fossil wristwatch and my favorite brand - Olivia Burton! I own Olivia Burton wristwatch and it's gorgeous, still works after 2 years and have been trough all of stuff but it's still working and looking great! :)

Combos by happinessvictim featuring a biker jacket

Right now when you have plenty of simple clothing pieces in your closet it's time for some colorful stuff like colorful jacket which you can wear with simple tops OR leather jacket + black/white blouse. When you add some colors to your look it's even better! So another variant is leather jacket + colorful t-shirt! There are plenty of variations when you have basic base of clothing and diffirent accents/clothes which will brighten your outfit!

I hope this post was useful for you! It was such a struggle making it (I'm working with this since Tuesday), but it was also a lot of fun! As I mentioned before this is just a recommendation not ''YOU HAVE TO'' post, this is my experience of how I built content of wardrobe! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)* 



Lately I've been so inactive. I'm sorry. Even though I had most amazing Friday (we went to the old airfield to see car racing, there was so many people + cars and everything happened so fast, gosh I sound like kid who's talking about his newest car, haha. Also my friend and I had chance to ride in one car with guy who have really great car and he definitely knows how to drift!) and all of last week was colorful and full of happiness, unfortunately I don't have any photo to share with. Well I do have some, but they're not good quality and I'm not going to share shitty photos on blog, even though most of photos I share - they're shit. And if we're talking about photos, I really want to make outfit photos but it's not worth it if weather is shitty like it is today (and it's like that since Friday + we had some snow here as well) so I'm waiting for good weather.. But tell me, how are you? Let me know!

Talk to you soon.



Hey! Hope everyone is fine! :) Haven't posted anything for a long time and I do have excuse this time. Last weekend was full of colorful events: on Friday I went to sisters friend house to chill with guys, on Saturday I went to job and in the evening we celebrated 20th birthday of 2 of our friends, on Sunday - again I went to job and I've to say, that it all went good except when I got home I realised that I'm having huge hangover. On this Monday I had English exam and on Tuesday I had talking part in which I actually did good, I didn't expect my results to be as good as they are, because I had some not-so-smooth dialogue on exam. I know my talking part results, but not total score I got on exam, I'm going to know my results after graduating. I mentioned results because if you also living in Latvia & had English exam on Monday/Tuesday - how did it went? Tell me! After talking part exam for me was done, done and again done! So I with my friend Zane went to capital city to cinema. Unfortunately, all of movies had already begun, so only one which was in the appropriate time was that new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. Actually, it was funny. After movie we went for a walk around old city and then we sat on the bench in front of Krastmala (embankment) and enjoyed warm rays of the sun and view in front of us. When we went back home I decided to join lil' party, because it have never killed nobody, haha. After that long night today I feel pretty shity & at the same time good. I've never experienced to feel both good & bad at the same time, haha, it's pretty hard right now. When I got home I was so energetic that I did my laundry, organized my wardrobe, organized my working desk, also cleaned house as much as it's possible and after quick power nap I went outside to rake leaves. So that's how it is right now. I'm having 2 free weeks (OK, if we're being honest that including this day = 11 days) and I'm going to enjoy them as much as possible. Also in the next week I'm planning to go to school to improve my grades as well.. Maybe not the best way how to spend holidays but I know that it's all for good. 

Photo from yesterday. 
As I have said before: I don't use Instagram that often, but recently I downloaded SNAPCHAT, so if you're interested, here's my nickname: elizabeteo


Hey! Hope you're good! :) Last days have been colorful & comprehensive. Today I want to talk about my feelings and thoughts. Lately, I look around and I don't see what I want to see. Lately, I don't hear what I want to hear. Lately, I don't feel like myself. 
I'm excited about what future holds, mostly because I know it's going to be relief for me. I will stop lying to people, I'm not going to say them that I love them, that I care when truly I don't feel anything, but right now I'm not brave enough to be myself and to break someone's heart. I will leave so many people behind me. And I'm not sad. Because people who care about me, will stay with me. And today, I already know who I'm leaving behind my back and who's going to be next to me after year. 
Lately, I don't see what I want to see. I know that I can be better version of myself. Egoistic, succesful, brave & happy. I know that I can be whoever I want to be! And nobody will ever convince me that I'm wrong. If you don't believe in yourself, you will never love yourself & be happy. Also, I know that I can be healthy, young woman. And I can't wait for the moment when I will feel better (sore throat) because I want to get out of my house and go for a run.
I want to feel like myself, I want to be better version of me and I'm going to do this! I'm not going to sit at the edge, when I know that I can be better than everyone else, that I can do better that others. I'm not going to shut my mouth when it hurts, when you just have to say: we're OK, but it still fucking hurts. I'm not going to shut my mouth when I know I'm right, I'm old enough to express my point of view to adults, because I'm adult now. I'm not going to say YES when I will feel like NO and reversely. I will love myself and think just about me and my future, because what else can I do? I will not rely on others because no matter what's going on, no matter who's your friend - everybody fuck your life upside down at some moment if you don't keep your eyes open. 
To all people who still read this: I'm not arrogant b#tch, but this is me. And this is my letter to Future Me and whenever I'm going to feel bad and ready to give up I will re-read this. Also, if you're ever feeling bad, read this and keep your head up! Maybe this is to cheesy, but after I wrote down this I felt way better than before, this is energy boost!

Talk to you soon! Kisses 


''Happiness is inside you, not with another person''

Saw this quote on my Twitter dashboard: ''Happiness is inside you, not with another person'' It's true! But sometimes you need somebody in your life to feel right. Do I have this person in my life right now? Maybe. But maybe I'm just wrong. Do I long for somebody special in my life? Maybe. But maybe I'm just wrong. Maybe it's good the way it is. And the main thing is - to be happy, that's it. Also, if I have that happiness inside me, I should share with it! Today I'm sharing with just two photos, as you may know - lately I'm super inactive on Instagram, that I don't have anything beautiful to share with..

Breakfast this morning! How can you leave home without smile if you have had this for breakfast? Strawnberries and few pieces of mango + smoothie which this time was so thick that I just ate it with spoon! (Also you can make smoothie like this - in bowl and add Fitness cereal, it's soooo tasty! If you don't drink milk & have no juice to eat your cereal with - smoothie is great idea!)

Talk to you soon :) 


I hope evey woman today feel special and loved. :) Women's Day is wonderful celebration! My little brother gave me pack of strawberries, it was so cute and I was so happy! :) I didn't expect gift from him.. I didn't expect greetings at all, but my brother made great suprise for me & my sister. I've so many things to do today: studying and searching for University as well but I'm heading off to see my friend for some chat, today it's 12 degrees by celsium outside and I just can't sit at home.. Have a wonderful day!

Flowers from our garden :) photo by my sister.


Hi! How are you? Hope everything is fine in your life. If we're talking about me - I'm good. Everything is good right now. Except I should start to study, because there are so many tests I've to rewrite to achieve normal grades. Today I had great chat with my aunt, I'm still thinking about what she said :) The bad thing is that this morning I woke up and felt like shit. I had sore throat and it felt like my head is going to blow! Had quick breakfast: greek yogurt with kiwi & rhubarb + mini cup of white coffee. I just knew that I'm not going to stay at school if I'm not going to drink coffee, even if I'm trying to avoid it daily. Then I went to the school. We had to show our performance twice today, so it was pretty exhausting. I'm home right now and even though I'm still feeling really shitty - I'm thinking about going outside for a quick run. I'm not going to school tomorrow anyway so if I'm going to feel like shit tomorrow I will have time to recover. But I'm not really happy about fact that I'm sick again, because week ago I still had disgusting cough from last time I was ill. So I wish to you all great mood & drink herbal tea + honey because spring is tricky season and it's easy to catch a cold! 

Talk to you soon! :) 


Home, Fashion & Beauty Products: March

What I wand to see on my beauty bedside table this month? Exfoliating sea scrub & body oil as well. What about home decors? I want to see inspiring polaroid photos all around my room! And Jigsaw Mia throw looks so comfy, perfect for cool early spring days. Fashion? This time it's all about accessories: Thomas Sabo bracelet & lovely Dolce by Dolce Gabanna perfume! Need to say that this perfume is in my wishlist is for so long, gosh... :) What's in your wishlist this month? Let me know!

Inspired by Summer Vibes

Finally! It's March 1! I can't believe... We're three months closer to summer: summer break, graduating school, leaving home. Even thought it's all hazy and there is no need to plan things, because you will never know were life will throw you. And by throwing I mean that maybe I'm going to stay here at home, but maybe I will have chance to live somewhere else in this big, mysterious world. And I would love to choose second chance, because lately I'm dreaming of leaving this town for a while... I would love to travel somewhere where it's sunny & warm. Today I'm sharing with my social media links as usual & collage from wehearit.
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Have a nice day!