Skrillex @ Sapņu Fabrika

Hey! I already said that I was going to see Skrillex! Well, last night I did and it was hella of a amazing night!!! Good music, great people around us and overall perfect evening even though I was (and I still am) ill and going back home I felt pretty bad because after dancing and jumping I was all wet, covered in sweaty people around me and sure I was sweaty as well and what I did straight after show - went to smoking room and smoke cigarette for sure (I don't know how I will quit this shit) in t-shirt. But miracle happened and today I feel way more better than last days :)

About Skrillex... Oh, God, wow. I'm still in love with his creations, with music and sure - I still love Skrillex. I don't know if I've told you this story, but.. There was time in my life when I felt down for about half of a year. It was about 4 years ago. Breaking point was Christmas holidays when all my friends where outside to enjoy winter time and they all were happy, etc. I wasn't. I fought with my mom all the time because of my grades and I felt sad and down all the time. I wanted to leave this world. I felt like I had no reason to live. And then I found out blog which was writted by Skrillex fan. So I started to interest about Skrillex past, life right now, tours and mainly music. I listened to his songs all day. I will always remember how before I went to bed I listened to Breakn' A Sweat by Skrillex and the Doors about 20 times. And I will always remember how we celebrated my friends birthday and after they went to see other friends, I went back to home and while going home I was crying. Alone on the street, crying. I was standing next to my house and I hated it, I didn't want to go in. It always felt better after hearing his music. So after I went home I just listened to some songs and went to bed feeling better. It took few months to realise that I've to find reason why should I live. And I did. Just for myself. I decided that I can do anything! And I promised that I will make my dreams come true and Skrillex have always inspired me. Half of a story about time back then you can read here. One more thing I want to say: even when I didn't listen to Skrillex daily, I always checked fan blog about which I already told you. That guy was so passionate about Skrillex and his music, life, everything... Half of a information I found exactly in his blog. Few years later he died from cancer. It melted my heart, because he was one of those fans who should have sit & talk with his idol! 
So, this is my story how Skrillex helped me to get over darkest period of my life. I would say depression, but no doctor have ascertain this fact, so. I'm feel like one of the happiest persons alive right now, because seeing Skrillex live was my dream since I'm 15. And now it's fucking true! :) Hope I'm going to see him live in my future for sure!

Skrillex @ Sapņu Fabrika

Who's you favorite artist?
See you soon. 

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  1. So much fun! It must have been a blast! Thanks for sharing!

  2. love skrillex, i've seen him a few times and it's always so much fun!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. I totally agree! He's my favorite artist. :)