New Blog Design

Hey! As you see, something has changed in blog design - from pink blog header to minimalistic black & white one + pink social media buttons have been changed to black ones. Also finally there is some information about myself = importet from Google+ profile and it means that finally there is my photo who is always going to be on blog. I had photo of me before (like about week or two) but I decided that smaller one is going to be fine as well. 
As you may see - social media icons are still the same 4 links that before - Bloglovin', Facebook, Google+ and Instagram! And I BEG to you guys - don't follow me on Twitter! Don't even search for my name there because I do post a lot of SHIT there. It's like moral diarrhea there for most of the people and I'm one of them. I do post things that I later delete and overall there isn't any information about blog!!! 
There is some changes, that's true but nothing big or complicated - easy ways how to follow me and find me with social media icons. Also, for some of you design may look too dark, boring. As I said I tried to make it minimalistic. Also I personally thought that it looks a bit too depressive, but don't worry about me, I'm all fine by today! I had great talk yesterday with my sister and her friend, so today I feel way more better because finally I've talked about my problems with somebody. It feels way more better today. Except that I'm sick and I should start to get ready - I'm going to see my friend tonight because of her Name Day party! :) I hope you all are going to have great weekend!

Also you can follow me on weheartit for some inspiration if needed! :)

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  1. I like your new design :)


    anna from http://stylelovely.com/mimundonormal