Hey! How are you doing? As I promised in previous post (except last one) New in posts are coming! Today I'm sharing with wrist watch I got from Ebay. It's Golden Color Mesh Stainless Steal Quartz Analog wrist watch and I wanted something like this for a long time. Even though I prefer good quality watches because they're better looking and quality is great, this time I thought: why not? As my friend offer goods from Ebay daily and knows how to do it, she ordered watch for me (and for her as well) and after about month it finally came. Well, I'm not super impressed because dial looks cheep and boring, also watch got two scratches on it. But I love golden mesh part and that's why I decided to buy this watch. I've to metion that after I ordered my Olivia Burton watch they released The Hackney silvergold & rose gold mesh watches and I was a little bit upset because I've been looking for golden mesh watch for a long time, and Olivia Burton never offered them. Maybe someday soon I'm going to order The Hackney silver mesh watch, because it's beautiful! But if we're talking about near future I'm thinking about buying Casio one. :) Ugh, back to the point this post was about - wrist watch from Ebay doesn't look perfect but in other hand it's good & great looking for a price which was ~ 4 dollars!

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Have a great day!

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  1. That is a beautiful watch!!!