Hey! Finally Žetonvakars is behind us. It all went great, my parents were happy :) And I am happy as well. Great evening, great party with family & friends. Went home early actually. Today woke up and felt pretty great. We with my sister went to fast food restaurant because after big pause of not eating that shit today it felt like it's going to be the only relief (hangover) The biggest problem right now: what to do? I don't want to go to pub today, not at all, but I would love to go to sea, to walk a bit. I just want to get in a car and go somewhere. But we have no idea were to go. It's too late to go to sea, because it's going to be dark outside soon. What you would do? Where would you go? :) 

Drinking wine with sis some time ago :)



Suite Blanco is one of my favorite shops. Why? They sell great quality clothes and in shop they offer fashionable pieces that I haven't seen in other shops. Their latest spring collection is amazing - pastel tones, interesting cuts & great variations of denim. Overall it's great collection! Too bad that if you're not living in France or Portugal you can't shop there because they only offer production in those countries and they don't offer shopping online. I've been to Suite Blanco once (in Egypt) and bought dress there, I haven't showed it to you guys yet, but you will see it in spring when it's going to be able to make outfit posts, I promise. :) Below I'm sharing just with few photos from their online shop: 

Do you own something from Suite Blanco?


Hey! How are you doing? As I promised in previous post (except last one) New in posts are coming! Today I'm sharing with wrist watch I got from Ebay. It's Golden Color Mesh Stainless Steal Quartz Analog wrist watch and I wanted something like this for a long time. Even though I prefer good quality watches because they're better looking and quality is great, this time I thought: why not? As my friend offer goods from Ebay daily and knows how to do it, she ordered watch for me (and for her as well) and after about month it finally came. Well, I'm not super impressed because dial looks cheep and boring, also watch got two scratches on it. But I love golden mesh part and that's why I decided to buy this watch. I've to metion that after I ordered my Olivia Burton watch they released The Hackney silvergold & rose gold mesh watches and I was a little bit upset because I've been looking for golden mesh watch for a long time, and Olivia Burton never offered them. Maybe someday soon I'm going to order The Hackney silver mesh watch, because it's beautiful! But if we're talking about near future I'm thinking about buying Casio one. :) Ugh, back to the point this post was about - wrist watch from Ebay doesn't look perfect but in other hand it's good & great looking for a price which was ~ 4 dollars!

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Have a great day!


This is post Nr.340! I can't believe. I've been thinking about deleting some posts for a long time, but I can't. I can't leave my past behind like that -- yes, I always talk about living in this moment, not thinking about past & future because we can't do anything about, but I think it's important to take your time and read old posts and think about yourself, growing inside, etc. I read my old posts a lot, because mostly all of those posts bring up great memories. 
Today I'm happy about post Nr.340 even thought my head hurts, I feel tired and emotionally devastated. My life right now is one big mess and again I'm the one who made it. I'm the one, who's guilty. Or maybe not? But even though I know what's going on, I can't open my mouth to say something. I've never been so frightened, so I keep my mouth shut. Maybe silence is the best medicine this time. And when I read this quote earlier today I thought, maybe everything happens for a reason even if I'm the reason why two people don't talk anymore. 

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. People come and go, we endure heartache and loss, we seek adventure and opportunity, we love and we learn. We face these experiences throughout life whether it is to enlighten us with knowledge and experience or simply make us stronger. Where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be.
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Hey! How are you? Hope you're good. :) I decided to talk to you a bit today and share how was my week: on Tuesday I had shooting at school for class album and I hope there is going to be at least one good photo of me... Last time when we had shooting (just for fun, but still with profesionals) photos were shit. And I'm not joking. As you might know on Wednesday I saw Skrillex live @ Sapņu Fabrika, and I wrote about my experience HERE. On Friday I stayed home, it was the first time after partying every Friday. On I Valentine's Day went to circus! Even I don't support circus because of animal harrassment, but it was my brothers birthday pre-party, so I had no choice - I love my brother and I will everything for him. Also went to shopping mall, bought dress for my Žetonvakars + accessories. Also bought new sneakers. (New In post coming) Later we had dinner together with family at local pizzeria. In the late evening met with my friend and had night ride around our hometown. After few hours we went to see our friends and had great night at local pub. Need to say that today was perfect weather: it was so sunny outside! It felt like spring is almost here.. This weeks news: this year at festival Positivus 2015 will perform Fenech Soler! Currently THIS is my favorite song. Can't wait! 

This time decided not to include negative facts about this week, because I'm on that positive vibe right now and I don't want to think about what bad happened this week. Overall, it was pretty succesful week :) Talk to you soon!


Elegant Killer Look

High heeled knee boots and big grey coat. Polish your nails with dark red nail polish and add to your look some real diamonds. Don't forget about eyeliner to make your look on point! That's how Elegant Killer Look is made, easy :) Kisses!


Skrillex @ Sapņu Fabrika

Hey! I already said that I was going to see Skrillex! Well, last night I did and it was hella of a amazing night!!! Good music, great people around us and overall perfect evening even though I was (and I still am) ill and going back home I felt pretty bad because after dancing and jumping I was all wet, covered in sweaty people around me and sure I was sweaty as well and what I did straight after show - went to smoking room and smoke cigarette for sure (I don't know how I will quit this shit) in t-shirt. But miracle happened and today I feel way more better than last days :)

About Skrillex... Oh, God, wow. I'm still in love with his creations, with music and sure - I still love Skrillex. I don't know if I've told you this story, but.. There was time in my life when I felt down for about half of a year. It was about 4 years ago. Breaking point was Christmas holidays when all my friends where outside to enjoy winter time and they all were happy, etc. I wasn't. I fought with my mom all the time because of my grades and I felt sad and down all the time. I wanted to leave this world. I felt like I had no reason to live. And then I found out blog which was writted by Skrillex fan. So I started to interest about Skrillex past, life right now, tours and mainly music. I listened to his songs all day. I will always remember how before I went to bed I listened to Breakn' A Sweat by Skrillex and the Doors about 20 times. And I will always remember how we celebrated my friends birthday and after they went to see other friends, I went back to home and while going home I was crying. Alone on the street, crying. I was standing next to my house and I hated it, I didn't want to go in. It always felt better after hearing his music. So after I went home I just listened to some songs and went to bed feeling better. It took few months to realise that I've to find reason why should I live. And I did. Just for myself. I decided that I can do anything! And I promised that I will make my dreams come true and Skrillex have always inspired me. Half of a story about time back then you can read here. One more thing I want to say: even when I didn't listen to Skrillex daily, I always checked fan blog about which I already told you. That guy was so passionate about Skrillex and his music, life, everything... Half of a information I found exactly in his blog. Few years later he died from cancer. It melted my heart, because he was one of those fans who should have sit & talk with his idol! 
So, this is my story how Skrillex helped me to get over darkest period of my life. I would say depression, but no doctor have ascertain this fact, so. I'm feel like one of the happiest persons alive right now, because seeing Skrillex live was my dream since I'm 15. And now it's fucking true! :) Hope I'm going to see him live in my future for sure!

Skrillex @ Sapņu Fabrika

Who's you favorite artist?
See you soon. 


Favorite moments of 2014

Even thought things in life isn't smooth right now I'm trying to be happy because spring is coming and I feel it! Lately I've been thinking about things I need in my life to feel truly happy. I've been thinking about people in my life, about their behaviour and then about my behaviour. Do all of us deserve what we have? Because lately I feel like I'm not in the right place, with the right people. I think that I've been too good and there is people who doesn't deserve it. Is it a lesson? Yes, but only for me. And wait, no, I'm not saying that I'm the best person in the world! But I'm trying to be diffirent. I'm trying to understand what is happening in my life right now. Why I'm feeling bad all the time? Maybe because of medicine I'm using lately, maybe because I'm tired because of disease which is chasing me for about 7 years, maybe because I don't feel support from friends. It's not like I'm asking for attention, care and love because we all have our own lives, but sometimes I think that I've been too good to some friends - I always forgive, I always talk (care) and I'm next to them when it's needed. I feel used. Like a plastic bag. And I don't think that I deserve to feel like this. 
Also, this is the moment when I'm finally deciding my future, my plans. I'm having great future idea which is going to let me make my dream true. But I'm feeling like something is holding me back. I can't decide what is the best for me, and I mean it - FOR ME. I still do have enough time to decide but I'm feeling like world is too big to wait, so I would love to leave everything now and explore the world! One of biggest pleasure and happiness in my life is traveling. There are just few places I've seen but world is so miscellaneous! Every night I'm just sleeping in bed and thinking about all the places I want to see and live. It's painful to lie in bed while others are making their dreams come true. If not school I would have full-time job right now and planning my next trip. I feel like I don't belong here, I belong somewhere else. Somewhere else in the world. Home is not your house, home is where you feel right. And no matter where is it. 
What I'm trying to say is... I'm going to finish school and think about my future plans, think about my life and my family. What I'm going to do? I already know. But from this moment I will worry only about my happiness, as well as my family happiness and maybe about someone who is worth it. And I recommend to you to do the same. Smile!  

Drinking Hugo with Sis' 

Afternoon in Egypt

Warm evening in Makadi Bay

At Enrique Iglesias concert.. 
<3 Stand By Me 

Lovely people @ Positivus 2014!

Morning in Jūrmala.. 
See you soon! 


Don't Dream, It's Over

Haven't felt so bad for a long time! I'm ill! Actually I waited for this moment for so long, because I knew that then I would be home alone. Finally! And it fucking didn't happen. :) I'm so pissed, I was home alone for about 5 hours from which 3 I slept. I'm becoming crazy because I want to be all alone by myself. Everybody needs to be alone sometimes - for a day, for a week, maybe even more. I don't want to talk with anyone, I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to be anywhere. I just want time for myself with books I haven't finished and with silence around me. I'm going to school tomorrow even thought I'm sick and tired, on Wednesday night I'm seeing Skrillex live and then I've plan how to escape all this nightmare and finally be alone for a moment. You guys have no idea how big dream it is to me, to live alone in future :) At least for some time... So, this is it. Quick update! Hope you all are doing just great, see you soon! :) 


New Blog Design

Hey! As you see, something has changed in blog design - from pink blog header to minimalistic black & white one + pink social media buttons have been changed to black ones. Also finally there is some information about myself = importet from Google+ profile and it means that finally there is my photo who is always going to be on blog. I had photo of me before (like about week or two) but I decided that smaller one is going to be fine as well. 
As you may see - social media icons are still the same 4 links that before - Bloglovin', Facebook, Google+ and Instagram! And I BEG to you guys - don't follow me on Twitter! Don't even search for my name there because I do post a lot of SHIT there. It's like moral diarrhea there for most of the people and I'm one of them. I do post things that I later delete and overall there isn't any information about blog!!! 
There is some changes, that's true but nothing big or complicated - easy ways how to follow me and find me with social media icons. Also, for some of you design may look too dark, boring. As I said I tried to make it minimalistic. Also I personally thought that it looks a bit too depressive, but don't worry about me, I'm all fine by today! I had great talk yesterday with my sister and her friend, so today I feel way more better because finally I've talked about my problems with somebody. It feels way more better today. Except that I'm sick and I should start to get ready - I'm going to see my friend tonight because of her Name Day party! :) I hope you all are going to have great weekend!

Also you can follow me on weheartit for some inspiration if needed! :)


On My February Wishlist

Hey! How are you? I'm totally trapped in myself somehow. I need some time alone. I feel like I need something new and positive in my life. I feel like I need new people in my life. (Real people) I feel like I'm ready to pass exams and leave. I'm feeling positive & negative both. Somehow blog keeps me inspired and I've some ideas for next posts. And I'm thinking about changing blog design soon, as I've so much free time on weekends (because I have long-term-vacation or should I say that I don't have job and money right now) and so many great ideas - wait for it. :) I hope at least you all have great mood today and everything went right for you today!

I decided to make ''On My February Wishlist'' set on Polyvore some days ago. I'm dreaming of new bag, and this Kate Spade shoulder bag is just wonderful! I love that red color & I love Kate Spade New York brand as well :) Also I need new, warm scarf! I want check one for so long, but I haven't found the right one yet. And some new gold accessories is never bad decision. What's on your February Wishlist? Let me know!


Beige + Silver

Who's inspired today? It's me! Haven't made any set on Polyvore for too long! Today was the day! Thinking about warm and sunny weather.. Just a month till Spring comes! And I'm dreaming about all warm & comfy sweaters I will combine with stylish accessories! Gentle tones, pearls, pure silver.. I can't wait!


January have passed away. I was pretty inactive, just 6 posts on blog. My excuse? I've been drinking new medication since January and it makes me super moody and tired as well. At least it was like that first two weeks. Right now it's getting better. Also knowing that after February (which is just 28 days short) will come March which is Spring month makes me feel happy :) I can't wait for Spring! February is going to be super busy as well: two of my girls are having name day this month, as well as my brother is turning seven years old and it's mom's birthday soon. Also I'm attenting Skrillex on 11. February ( \m/ ) and few weeks later my class is attending (and also making part of it) measure in which school gives us rings & we show performance. As I said - it's going to be busy month. At least I don't have to worry about Valentine's Day because I'm free like a bird! :) Gonna sit home alone and watch Titanic. 

Recently I bought new shoes: ASOS Prism High Heels! They're super beautiful, stylish and high.. I've month to learn how to walk with them. Jesus, I've had boots with 10 cm high heels but it was way more easier to walk back then. These babies are 11.5 cm/4'' high! I did take some photos but they're too bad, lighting have been pretty bad past days.. So I'm sharing with website photos. 

What do you think?