Haven't made Instagram post for a while, that's because I don't have interesting content there. Mostly some selfies, nature, maybe some cocktails and photos I delete after few hours. I would love to post a photo of newest watch or perfume bottle and of course every great looking dinner photo, but people who live in city where I live would not understand.. At least I've heard that blogging/vlogging to them is bragging! Well, to me it's not bragging because I'm part of this industry. To be honest, I think I've said it before - sometimes I do post a lot of stuff on Instagram, sometimes I don't post anything for weeks. I'm Instagram addict - it's first thing I check out when I wake up (and I don't know why!), but if we're talking about posting.. It's always hard decision what to post. I don't post food anymore, because Kim Kardashian doesn't! It actually doesn't matter if Kim do post photos of food or not, but I don't. And let's be true, if most of content consist of selfies, that just means that my Instagram isn't interesting, right? Anyway, I'm happy for all the people who follow me and I do use it as daily inspiration app. I'm just hoping that one day I will be super active on Instagram with great content and maybe be someones inspiration :) Here you go, latest photos which you may have seen on Instagram already and photos who haven't been posted anywhere yet:

When I with family went to visit my godfather, made nostalgic photo with me and cat staring out of window and thinking, thinking to be, or not to be.. I'm joking. Just a cute, friendly photo. 

Birthday girl! Super lazy before girls came. 

Since new year I don't drink Pina Colada anymore because it containts too much calories, but I haven't quitted drinking yet, so super tasty mojito @ Mercure Restourant 

Delicious and big portion of Ceasar salad! 

And you can guess what I ordered as a dessert.. :) creme brulee of course! 

Biggest joy of this week! I won in giveaway. Recently Zandas Life blog had amazing Dove giveaway and I was one of the winners! Zanda even came to me, to give me bag of these amazing products! It was such a suprise, because I didn't check my e-mail and I didn't know that she's going to visit me in real life, so I went out in the snow with my slippers and in my sweatpants, to receive it! Such a funny story. One more time - BIG thank you Zanda for this chance & giving this gift to me in life :)

So that's how it is lately through Instagram and other photos made with my phone.


  1. Man prieks, ka Tev patika mans pārsteigums! Lai labi lietojas un gaidīšu arī kādu mini atsauksmi :)

    1. Paldies, paldies, paldies - esmu tik priecīga, ka būtu gatava pateiktiem vēl simtiem reižu! :) Noteikti būs mini atsauksmīte!! :)

  2. That mojito is looking absolutely delish haha! Lovely pics!

    xx Melane || Pure Perspective

  3. Lovely :)


  4. Tā bilde ar kaķi tiešām tāda dziļdomīga izskatās :D
    Foršs posts! :)


    1. Sasmējos izlasot par kaķi :D
      Prieks, ka patīk! :)

  5. Amazing! Great post and very nice blog!
    I'm following your blog. Can you follow me back? Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you! Such a pleasure to hear it from you Lara!
      I will check your blog asap.