F A C T S pt.2 // Liebster Award!

Hey friends! I've no idea did you read my last post about 3 weird facts about me, but today I'm posting few more facts - The English Teacher's Makeup Bag nominated me for an award! It's Liebster Award, so I will answer of few questions. I decided not to nominate other blogs because probably they don't even know about my existence! :( I hope you will enjoy this post!

1. What motivated you to start your blog?: I decided to make my blog when it wasn't even that popular thing.. I posted few photos and shortly described my day, also if I had some thoughts which I just couldn't conceal I writed it down in blog. Day by day I understood that I've so many ideas how to improve my blog and what to write about, so I just keep writing about everything what's in my head. My blog still is ''under construction'' because there are so many things I would love to change in design, as well as in content I'm sharing with.

2. What is my favorite class at school?: Commerce class and English as well. I just enjoy these classes more than others! 

3. Do you prefer the summer months or the winter months?: Summer months! I love summer and I really don't like winter.. I hope that in future I'm going to live where it's warm and sunny all the year..

4. What was the last book you read and enjoyed?: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I'm still reading it though, so I can't share my thoughts about it, but it's good!

5. What is your favorite recipe to make?: Probably muffins with white (or dark) chocolate. But I don't know, I really like to cook, and there is one perfect tortillas recipe which is super easy, super delicious and I always make them with my sis, so it's super fun as well! 

6. What has been your beauty product of 2014?: Jesus! I don't even know! I'm not a big cosmetics enthusiast.. I will say that it's Carmex lip balm - my favorite lip balm which was with me all last year! Recently bought another one, but seems that I've lost it.

7. Would you rather live without concealer or mascara?: I could live without concealer because I don't use it at all ;) I could live without mascara as well, because I don't use it normally, just in weekends. But I'm saying - concealer. 

8. Who has been the most influential person in your life?: Probably my aunt, because she's really successful woman, there is so many things I could learn from her.

9. Where did you go for your most recent vacation?: Egypt! I'm still dreaming of going back to Hurghada, it was beautiful there. And Makadi Bay where we lived, gosh, it feels like I've left my family.. 

10. Do you speak more than one language?: Yes, I do. I speak in Latvian, English and Russian languages. 

11. Who is your current favorite YouTuber?: This is a good question! I will say it's Alex Holtti. But if we're talking about long term relationship with YouTubers - it's Caspar Lee! 

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