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Heyyy! How is it going? I'm fine. Maybe not. I feel like schizo sometimes, haha. Don't worry I'm OK. So Today I woke up and all I though about was life: Is this a start of something new or am I going to live my life like I did before?! My first thought was: ''Fuck. Something has to change!'' I don't know yet what I'm going to do. But I can't live like this anymore. I will be more honest than before. I will be brave, strong and hopefully more adventurous. Why? Since 1st January I've been thinking: maybe I've to change myself into calm and quiet person? And then I looked at my note board and saw all those disorderly and careless pinned notes there with all last years adventures, photos and letter from my best babe. I though: will I be happy living quietly? And if I will look back at myself when I old if I'm going to be happy that I was such a boring person?! I don't want that. I want to be myself. I want to be happy about who I am. Something has to change.

And how about you? Are you thinking about changing your life this year? Maybe not life, but something about yourself?! Let me know, I'm curious to know!

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Have a wonderful day!

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