F A C T S pt.2 // Liebster Award!

Hey friends! I've no idea did you read my last post about 3 weird facts about me, but today I'm posting few more facts - The English Teacher's Makeup Bag nominated me for an award! It's Liebster Award, so I will answer of few questions. I decided not to nominate other blogs because probably they don't even know about my existence! :( I hope you will enjoy this post!

1. What motivated you to start your blog?: I decided to make my blog when it wasn't even that popular thing.. I posted few photos and shortly described my day, also if I had some thoughts which I just couldn't conceal I writed it down in blog. Day by day I understood that I've so many ideas how to improve my blog and what to write about, so I just keep writing about everything what's in my head. My blog still is ''under construction'' because there are so many things I would love to change in design, as well as in content I'm sharing with.

2. What is my favorite class at school?: Commerce class and English as well. I just enjoy these classes more than others! 

3. Do you prefer the summer months or the winter months?: Summer months! I love summer and I really don't like winter.. I hope that in future I'm going to live where it's warm and sunny all the year..

4. What was the last book you read and enjoyed?: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I'm still reading it though, so I can't share my thoughts about it, but it's good!

5. What is your favorite recipe to make?: Probably muffins with white (or dark) chocolate. But I don't know, I really like to cook, and there is one perfect tortillas recipe which is super easy, super delicious and I always make them with my sis, so it's super fun as well! 

6. What has been your beauty product of 2014?: Jesus! I don't even know! I'm not a big cosmetics enthusiast.. I will say that it's Carmex lip balm - my favorite lip balm which was with me all last year! Recently bought another one, but seems that I've lost it.

7. Would you rather live without concealer or mascara?: I could live without concealer because I don't use it at all ;) I could live without mascara as well, because I don't use it normally, just in weekends. But I'm saying - concealer. 

8. Who has been the most influential person in your life?: Probably my aunt, because she's really successful woman, there is so many things I could learn from her.

9. Where did you go for your most recent vacation?: Egypt! I'm still dreaming of going back to Hurghada, it was beautiful there. And Makadi Bay where we lived, gosh, it feels like I've left my family.. 

10. Do you speak more than one language?: Yes, I do. I speak in Latvian, English and Russian languages. 

11. Who is your current favorite YouTuber?: This is a good question! I will say it's Alex Holtti. But if we're talking about long term relationship with YouTubers - it's Caspar Lee! 


3 F A C T S

As long as you live in your own world you can be yourself right? And as I'm writing this while living in real world, living realistic life - I can't be truly myself. Probably if I would say how it all really feels you would think that I'm ill-minded. Maybe some of you would think that my personalty is beautiful. No matter what would you all though about me I can't be myself here and I can't be myself on the street because there just need to be something mysterious about me. There should be something mysterious about any girl in worl, because if you're easy - you're boring. But this year is year of change. Maybe it's time to reveal something about me? I decided to write down few facts about myself:

1. I've understood that I hate when people in my territory feels too comfortable. Even if they're my friends. I'm the boss in my territory, you're the boss in yours! So whenever somebody is touching my things I quietly panic inside! There is one of my classmates (male) who always touch my things: firstly my phone and secondly my lip balm. I hate when people use my things -- but I always let them. Because, I'm not tightwad! Also whenever people come to my house and decide to get in my fridge for food (it's all fine ofc) and makes little mess in my head like: ''why do u touch that and later that? did u washed ur hands?'' For me it's important to OFFER something to eat and then make it, for me it's important to you to sit down and just enjoy moment. If you're in my zone, you just sit down and be nice to me, so I can serve food & drinks (tea or coffee ofc) to you! Whenever I'm at my friends flat I just sit there and enjoy them cooking or just being bosses at their territory, because people always have their own system how to make food (they know where to get big pan and where to put it later) and serve food! Maybe to some of you it sounds funny, but for me it's little panic attack, ha! 

2. I'm fashion blogger (ok, more lifestyle blogger) and I love new clothes, I love checking out newest trends, brands - I love owning them, I love the smell of new things! I would love to put all my good stuff on the floor and just lie there.. If you don't get it yet - I don't know person who would like to put their fancy clothes on floor and just lie there. I'm always too busy or tired so I keep all my clothes in one big lump inside of my wardrobe. Sometimes my clothes lie on working table and mostly they're in my bed. I don't take care of them! The only time when I organize my wardrobe is when I go shopping and buy something new. :) Such a shame, Elizabete! Or maybe I'm not the only one?

3. Overthinking. This is going to be fact No.3! I really enjoy being in people crowd because then I need to communicate or at least think about those people and in this case - it's not yet overthinking, it's just something that keeps my away from it. Whenever I talk to people I don't need to think about things about what I'm mostly worried. And I'm worried about everything-all-the-time! [For example: gosh, what did I say to my friend yesterday // it sounded really stupid // I feel stupid // did she/he even heard that sentence? // what if I didn't say that? // I probably had nightmare about that conversation // did it even happened? I bet it wasn't a nightmare either! // fuck, I'm suffering from schizophrenia...] So I feel like schizo! Lately I really think that I'm suffering from schizopheria.. And I can't do nothing about it! Sure, I could talk with my friends to avoid overthinking, but if I'm in bad mood I won't gonna talk, no-o-o. Also when I overthink, it's really hard to study, for example today at math tutor I did such a bad work, it was just a waste of money and time.. 

If someone readed this, what do you think? What can you say about yourself? Share with your thoughts! Kisses! 



Haven't made Instagram post for a while, that's because I don't have interesting content there. Mostly some selfies, nature, maybe some cocktails and photos I delete after few hours. I would love to post a photo of newest watch or perfume bottle and of course every great looking dinner photo, but people who live in city where I live would not understand.. At least I've heard that blogging/vlogging to them is bragging! Well, to me it's not bragging because I'm part of this industry. To be honest, I think I've said it before - sometimes I do post a lot of stuff on Instagram, sometimes I don't post anything for weeks. I'm Instagram addict - it's first thing I check out when I wake up (and I don't know why!), but if we're talking about posting.. It's always hard decision what to post. I don't post food anymore, because Kim Kardashian doesn't! It actually doesn't matter if Kim do post photos of food or not, but I don't. And let's be true, if most of content consist of selfies, that just means that my Instagram isn't interesting, right? Anyway, I'm happy for all the people who follow me and I do use it as daily inspiration app. I'm just hoping that one day I will be super active on Instagram with great content and maybe be someones inspiration :) Here you go, latest photos which you may have seen on Instagram already and photos who haven't been posted anywhere yet:

When I with family went to visit my godfather, made nostalgic photo with me and cat staring out of window and thinking, thinking to be, or not to be.. I'm joking. Just a cute, friendly photo. 

Birthday girl! Super lazy before girls came. 

Since new year I don't drink Pina Colada anymore because it containts too much calories, but I haven't quitted drinking yet, so super tasty mojito @ Mercure Restourant 

Delicious and big portion of Ceasar salad! 

And you can guess what I ordered as a dessert.. :) creme brulee of course! 

Biggest joy of this week! I won in giveaway. Recently Zandas Life blog had amazing Dove giveaway and I was one of the winners! Zanda even came to me, to give me bag of these amazing products! It was such a suprise, because I didn't check my e-mail and I didn't know that she's going to visit me in real life, so I went out in the snow with my slippers and in my sweatpants, to receive it! Such a funny story. One more time - BIG thank you Zanda for this chance & giving this gift to me in life :)

So that's how it is lately through Instagram and other photos made with my phone.


Olivia Burton Big Dial Black Watch

Hey! How are you? I'm fine. On Friday I celebrated my 19th birthday with two of my closest girls - Lāsma & Zane. We had dinner at my place and some champagne with cocktail cherries, later we went to my friends boyfriend flat to party there. It was calm evening actually, went home early. In the next morning they delivered my order from asos - Olivia Burton watch. I was super happy that it came so fast, but even thought it was packed carefully with those ballons inside of a pack - package of my watch was broken. :( Felt stupid because it seemed like they tried to open it and then broke package. However it's just a package and my new baby a.k.a Olivia Burton Big Dial Black watch looks good! Olivia Burton is one of my favorite brands, they have stylish watches yet cute ones with birds on them, also rose gold with gold dots in it is fantastic one! I decided to get simple one with leather strap, because I already have fancy one, so this is more for everyday wear. I'm sharing with few photos my sister made below: 

Which is your favorite wristwatch brend? Share with me!


How To Feel Energetic All The Time?

Hey! How are you? I'm busy, exhausted & tired. I've so many plans but my energy - it's gone! Thanks to education level here which exhaust every kid. At least that's what I see around me and as well - in mirror. And that stupid snow, that stupid winter. I hate it so much! It's too cold and slippery outside. It all takes too much energy. It's my 19th birthday tomorrow and I'm not going to do anything. I'm so tired. I'm tired of every single thing, but especially of winter. I know that I'm super negative today -> what do you do to run the world? Do you exercise or do you drink healthy smoothies? What do you avoid? How do you relax? SHARE WITH ME! I want to be energetic and happy!



2 0 1 5

Heyyy! How is it going? I'm fine. Maybe not. I feel like schizo sometimes, haha. Don't worry I'm OK. So Today I woke up and all I though about was life: Is this a start of something new or am I going to live my life like I did before?! My first thought was: ''Fuck. Something has to change!'' I don't know yet what I'm going to do. But I can't live like this anymore. I will be more honest than before. I will be brave, strong and hopefully more adventurous. Why? Since 1st January I've been thinking: maybe I've to change myself into calm and quiet person? And then I looked at my note board and saw all those disorderly and careless pinned notes there with all last years adventures, photos and letter from my best babe. I though: will I be happy living quietly? And if I will look back at myself when I old if I'm going to be happy that I was such a boring person?! I don't want that. I want to be myself. I want to be happy about who I am. Something has to change.

And how about you? Are you thinking about changing your life this year? Maybe not life, but something about yourself?! Let me know, I'm curious to know!

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Have a wonderful day!