I'm feeling dizzy this morning. I woke up early to visit my math tutor. It's really snowy outside. I'm not happy about it. But there is something magical about January 31 that makes me feel good today. I'm reading last years resolution and it reminds me of how happy I was back then. Some things are changed in my life. I don't drink coffee for months now. Finally I did it. I do love myself more that I did. I'm way more confident about myself than I was back then. And I do believe in good. 

Last year was one amazing year! I turned 18 years and my family and friends gave me such a wonderful present - suprise party! I was grateful for such a lovely suprise which showed that I have best people around me. Party after party, that's what I did last year. Most of my friends turned 18 years old this year. So many trips around town with friends, laughter, love, care, troubles, new experiences. And all that drama?! Let it be, because we all learn of it. After fights we see who are our real friends. And I'm happy that right now I am where I am with the right people around me. This summer I for the first time of my life attented festival - Positivus'14. It was amazing experience, great people there, fantastic party because of great bands, performers and that all lasted 3 days. I'm so happy that my first fest was Positivus not some shitty, cheap measure. Also this year came with new job. Working in pubs heart have teached me so many things about working with people & how work have to be done in time. I'm super happy that my colleagues are experienced, understanding and helpful. I'm so grateful! My favorite part of this year was flying to Egypt. I love to travel around world! And Egypt was wonderful place to go. It was beautiful there. I was so lucky. Waking up in the morning, going on balcony and enjoying sun, people who have just wake up and going to breakfast, movement which have just started. Culture, people and climate. Beautiful. Also this year was colorful because of artists I saw performing alive, last one was Enrique Iglesias. Well, he knows how to make great party! He's amazing man and I was so thankful for chance to see him live. End of this year was pretty calm, few weeks ago I with my family enjoyed SPA. It is one of the best ways how to forget everything for a weekend. There are so many things to be thankful about this year! Thanks to my family, thanks to my friends. Thanks to love you gave me! 

Also BIG thank you for all my readers. Right now I have 107 followers on GFC, 79 on Bloglovin' and 25 208 blog views overall! Twice bigger than last year! I'm supper happy that I'm still here and some of you still comment on almost every posts. You all are my friends! Thank you :) 

I hope that next year will be colorful - there will be love, great people around me, happiness, health & laughter! And I wish that all of us will be happy next year! Let's hope that year 2015 will come with amazing people and emotions in our lives! Let it be amazing year!

 Let's talk next year! Kisses. 

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