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Hey friends! I'm so happy that Christmas holidays have begun. Free time all the time! Except tomorrow: work + tutor. Talking about Christmas time: I've so many ideas what to wear when visiting my relatives, on Christmas eve & NYE. Today I'm showing you two photos from Christmas ball I attended. I wore one of my favorite dresses - it's peplum type of dress, white, from Missguided. It's a wonderful dress. But as it was cold outside on Thursday evening I had to wear some cardigan on it. Happily day ago arrived cardigan from yesfor.com, they we're really kind and sent me this black and comfy cardigan. Unfortunately right now they don't have it in stock, but I recommend you to check yesfor.com shopping website - you will find great clothing, jewelry, make-up, bags, etc.  They have extensive offer! :) 

Also I wanted to say BIG thank you Lāsma (in case if you're reading this) for making my hair look so lovely!

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