Oh. Long time no see even though it feels like we talked yesterday. Hope you're doing great. I'm doing.. Fine. :) On Thursday I went to see my friend, helped her at work and then we went to her house to drink some champagne and celebrate Boxing Day. Later went to her boyfriends flat and had some fun with people who already were there. Our night after 2 bottles of champagne and bottle of white wine ended up at pub in which I danced like crazy.. Almost alone on the dancefloor. Well, I will not do this again in future. On Friday morning we went to see our relatives with my mom, aunt, sis & little brother. We had calm afternoon there until my stomach started to hurt like hell so I wanted to go home faster. Until this day I don't know what happened to me, because I felt so ill that I was trembling. Had some medicine and it felt better in warm bed as well. After 1 hour I felt so good that I was ready for next round: seeing my best girl for some dinner together (as usual we decided to dine at our workplace, because they make best food in town) and as well we had some girl talk. Our night ended up getting in one of our friends car with another company of friends: rides, drift & laugther. Later we went to our friends flat and had funny yet dramatic night. On Saturday morning my family went to see my uncle. We had lunch together and after few hours we went home. Then I called my friend Katrīna who have arrived from Sweden recently, so we had to see each other! When she arrived I felt so happy! We drove at my place and then had some talk about last months in our lives. It was so nice to see her sitting in front of me. After some hours we were ready to go to my friends 19th birtday party. It was enjoyable night as well, full of laugh at the end. Today I woke up early and went to work, after that met my friends and had some fun, even though happened something crazy! I will not tell you about that BUT tell me how was your Christmas + weekend?

I'm sharing photo of me and my fav people: 
my bby Lāsma, my other bby Alberts & the one who's hiding .. it's me !!

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