Hey readers! How are you? I'm feeling good, but tired. I've been so busy. For example today I woke up about 7:40, got 20 minutes to get ready for school, on 8:15 AM my day started and it ended about 16:30 PM when I got home from lessons. I had like one hour to rest and eat something and then I went to see my math tutor, we went trought many subjects and it took about less than 2 hours. Now I'm having a little break from studying to share with my thoughts about Enrique's concert at Arēna Rīga. So it all started with a message from our cousin that maybe we're going to be late. I thought: well, okay, I will start to get ready now and later I will have some free time. And after an hour she called and said that they're going to be at our place after 10 minutes. We with sister were running around and yelling: why the hell so fast? In the end we're at Arēna about 20:00 and after one hour of waiting and drinking some cocktails we finally saw Enrique Iglesias on stage! It was amazingly great concert, he definately knows how to warm up audience. Even right now I still got that crazy vibe, I repeat every song in my head and every moment I loved back then. I'm so happy about this chance to see him, thank you Sis. :) So here is some photos from that night.

I know that 2 photos may say nothing to you, but.. It's important to enjoy every moment life gives you and when you enjoy it to the fullest you don't want to photograpghy everything..
How did you spend your weekend

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