Time is passing away too fast! I just live my life in autopilot mode day by day and then comes weekends. I'm really happy that I have job and have earned some money so far. I can't imagine my weekends without my working shift - I hate being home for too long and lately I get really tired of seeing the same people everyday. So going to work sometimes is great shelter from usual routine. But next 3 weeks is going to be super busy. I've just one full week to improve my grades, then it's weekend and I'm going to work, on Sunday I'm going to see Enrique Iglesias live in Rīga! Then I'm going to school for about 4 days, attenting Christmas ball on Thursday night and on Friday morning going to school for a piece of paper. Then starts Christmas holidays. Weekend I'm going to spend enjoying some beauty time: I'm going to SPA with family. And in the next weekend I'm attenting Christmas concert in theater. It's all about Christmas! Busiest time of the year.. But in other hand I enjoy that I'm not always at home. I enjoy atmosphere at theater, I'm excited about Enrique in Rīga and I can't wait for some beauty time at SPA. Also I'm thinking about doing something unusual on New Year - I want to start year 2015 with people I love and care about, I want to celebrate like never before!! : ) I know it's just 4th December and everything is so far away yet so close. How do you feel about new year? 

Having fun w/ friends @ Positivus! Miss that time, place, people.
Kisses <3

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