I'm feeling dizzy this morning. I woke up early to visit my math tutor. It's really snowy outside. I'm not happy about it. But there is something magical about January 31 that makes me feel good today. I'm reading last years resolution and it reminds me of how happy I was back then. Some things are changed in my life. I don't drink coffee for months now. Finally I did it. I do love myself more that I did. I'm way more confident about myself than I was back then. And I do believe in good. 

Last year was one amazing year! I turned 18 years and my family and friends gave me such a wonderful present - suprise party! I was grateful for such a lovely suprise which showed that I have best people around me. Party after party, that's what I did last year. Most of my friends turned 18 years old this year. So many trips around town with friends, laughter, love, care, troubles, new experiences. And all that drama?! Let it be, because we all learn of it. After fights we see who are our real friends. And I'm happy that right now I am where I am with the right people around me. This summer I for the first time of my life attented festival - Positivus'14. It was amazing experience, great people there, fantastic party because of great bands, performers and that all lasted 3 days. I'm so happy that my first fest was Positivus not some shitty, cheap measure. Also this year came with new job. Working in pubs heart have teached me so many things about working with people & how work have to be done in time. I'm super happy that my colleagues are experienced, understanding and helpful. I'm so grateful! My favorite part of this year was flying to Egypt. I love to travel around world! And Egypt was wonderful place to go. It was beautiful there. I was so lucky. Waking up in the morning, going on balcony and enjoying sun, people who have just wake up and going to breakfast, movement which have just started. Culture, people and climate. Beautiful. Also this year was colorful because of artists I saw performing alive, last one was Enrique Iglesias. Well, he knows how to make great party! He's amazing man and I was so thankful for chance to see him live. End of this year was pretty calm, few weeks ago I with my family enjoyed SPA. It is one of the best ways how to forget everything for a weekend. There are so many things to be thankful about this year! Thanks to my family, thanks to my friends. Thanks to love you gave me! 

Also BIG thank you for all my readers. Right now I have 107 followers on GFC, 79 on Bloglovin' and 25 208 blog views overall! Twice bigger than last year! I'm supper happy that I'm still here and some of you still comment on almost every posts. You all are my friends! Thank you :) 

I hope that next year will be colorful - there will be love, great people around me, happiness, health & laughter! And I wish that all of us will be happy next year! Let's hope that year 2015 will come with amazing people and emotions in our lives! Let it be amazing year!

 Let's talk next year! Kisses. 


GIFTS! // what I got for Christmas

Hey friends! I'm still in that Christmas mood. Maybe that's because I need to think about few gifts I need to make for friends who unexpectedly gave me gifts this year...On Christmas usually I don't receive big gifts but mostly needed things that I've been asking for. Actually I think all of you will agree that the most important gift to give people on Christmas is L O V E and H A P P I N E S S not expensive presents! I can say that I enjoyed Christmas this year to the fullest and all the time I felt so loved, even until yesterday when I with my sister & brother went to see my lovely grandmother who made dinner for us with little cute gifts on plates. Today I'm sharing with few photos: 

Christmas morning! Took this photo after breakfast = made this photo in my kitchen. I just love view we have trough kitchen window, no matter if it's winter or summer, it always look magical. 

Few gifts from Garnier for my hair & The Body Shop for my face and body. I'm super happy about new hair products because I've been using so many of them and I'm bored of them.. Something new just in time!!! And if we're talking about hair I should visit hairdresser as soon as possible!

I needed new lip balm so badly and this one was in my wishlist for some time: it's The Body Shop Creme Brulee lip balm! Some of you may know that Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert.. :)
I'm super happy about #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso! I'm going to start reading it today. I'm super excited and when I'm going to be done I'm going to share with my thoughts as well with you guys.



Oh. Long time no see even though it feels like we talked yesterday. Hope you're doing great. I'm doing.. Fine. :) On Thursday I went to see my friend, helped her at work and then we went to her house to drink some champagne and celebrate Boxing Day. Later went to her boyfriends flat and had some fun with people who already were there. Our night after 2 bottles of champagne and bottle of white wine ended up at pub in which I danced like crazy.. Almost alone on the dancefloor. Well, I will not do this again in future. On Friday morning we went to see our relatives with my mom, aunt, sis & little brother. We had calm afternoon there until my stomach started to hurt like hell so I wanted to go home faster. Until this day I don't know what happened to me, because I felt so ill that I was trembling. Had some medicine and it felt better in warm bed as well. After 1 hour I felt so good that I was ready for next round: seeing my best girl for some dinner together (as usual we decided to dine at our workplace, because they make best food in town) and as well we had some girl talk. Our night ended up getting in one of our friends car with another company of friends: rides, drift & laugther. Later we went to our friends flat and had funny yet dramatic night. On Saturday morning my family went to see my uncle. We had lunch together and after few hours we went home. Then I called my friend Katrīna who have arrived from Sweden recently, so we had to see each other! When she arrived I felt so happy! We drove at my place and then had some talk about last months in our lives. It was so nice to see her sitting in front of me. After some hours we were ready to go to my friends 19th birtday party. It was enjoyable night as well, full of laugh at the end. Today I woke up early and went to work, after that met my friends and had some fun, even though happened something crazy! I will not tell you about that BUT tell me how was your Christmas + weekend?

I'm sharing photo of me and my fav people: 
my bby Lāsma, my other bby Alberts & the one who's hiding .. it's me !!



Ho, ho, ho. I'm sitting here and looking out of window - it's snow everywhere. For a moment it has stopped to snow. It's amazing feeling to wake up in Christmas morning and everything is white and beautiful. But believe me, I will regret saying all those good words about snow soon. :D I don't like coldness, so actually I'm not a big fan of winter time. Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with family, we had big Christmas tree in our sitting room and we had calm Christmas evening together. I think for a long time finally I'm happy about Christmas time. I'm super energetic. It haven't happened for a long time. I'm really grateful for all the good words I received this year, emotions, smiles & gifts. It's just magical how beautiful Christmas can be if everything in your life is going on great. Lots of love my dear readers, I hope everyone one of you will have amazingly great Christmas time!



WHAT I WORE // yesfor.com

Hey friends! I'm so happy that Christmas holidays have begun. Free time all the time! Except tomorrow: work + tutor. Talking about Christmas time: I've so many ideas what to wear when visiting my relatives, on Christmas eve & NYE. Today I'm showing you two photos from Christmas ball I attended. I wore one of my favorite dresses - it's peplum type of dress, white, from Missguided. It's a wonderful dress. But as it was cold outside on Thursday evening I had to wear some cardigan on it. Happily day ago arrived cardigan from yesfor.com, they we're really kind and sent me this black and comfy cardigan. Unfortunately right now they don't have it in stock, but I recommend you to check yesfor.com shopping website - you will find great clothing, jewelry, make-up, bags, etc.  They have extensive offer! :) 

Also I wanted to say BIG thank you Lāsma (in case if you're reading this) for making my hair look so lovely!



Geek Look by happinessvictim featuring a black skirt

Today I'm sharing with Geek Look or ..Or something that I would wear when I'm not in ''superwoman'' mood. Black & white, simple section and cool glasses as brightest accessory in this look. Simple & comfy. This is something I would wear for school.. And those glasses.. Thinking about ordering them, because I need new glasses for school and I haven't found the right frame yet. OK, I'm getting ready and going to work. I will share with something fresh tomorrow!



Long time no see friends! Hope you're all fine. Tonight I'm attending Christmas ball and tomorrow Christmas holidays starts! So many free time, finally. If you're following me on Instagram you may know that last weekend I enjoyed some relaxing time at Hotel Jūrmala SPA. We enjoyed sauna, also salt bath, we swam in swimming pool, but most of all I enjoyed jacuzzi. In the evening we went to cabaret show, ate dinner and after that we went to our room and slept well. In the next morning we again went to swim and then we had procedures. I can recommend paraffin application, it was so good. We had our room in last floor so morning landscape was breathtaking. So before I'm going to quick shower and start to get ready for this evening I'm sharing with few photos!

Have a lovely day!
See you soon, kisses. <3



Hey readers! How are you? I'm feeling good, but tired. I've been so busy. For example today I woke up about 7:40, got 20 minutes to get ready for school, on 8:15 AM my day started and it ended about 16:30 PM when I got home from lessons. I had like one hour to rest and eat something and then I went to see my math tutor, we went trought many subjects and it took about less than 2 hours. Now I'm having a little break from studying to share with my thoughts about Enrique's concert at Arēna Rīga. So it all started with a message from our cousin that maybe we're going to be late. I thought: well, okay, I will start to get ready now and later I will have some free time. And after an hour she called and said that they're going to be at our place after 10 minutes. We with sister were running around and yelling: why the hell so fast? In the end we're at Arēna about 20:00 and after one hour of waiting and drinking some cocktails we finally saw Enrique Iglesias on stage! It was amazingly great concert, he definately knows how to warm up audience. Even right now I still got that crazy vibe, I repeat every song in my head and every moment I loved back then. I'm so happy about this chance to see him, thank you Sis. :) So here is some photos from that night.

I know that 2 photos may say nothing to you, but.. It's important to enjoy every moment life gives you and when you enjoy it to the fullest you don't want to photograpghy everything..
How did you spend your weekend


What's up? Hope everyone is doing wonderful. We with sister are listening to Enrique Iglesias songs and getting ready to see him live tonight! I can't wait! I'm not a big fan but I remember my childhood: I loved every single song, I knew every lyrics even though I was too little to understand meaning of them and I dreamed of marrying Enrique as well. I'm happy to attend this concert because I know it's going to be great party, finally something new and interesting in my life. :) 

Today I wanted to share with few my links:

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My weheartit HERE
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My Bloglovin' HERE

Have a nice day!



Wedding is always beautiful measure! And it's not just about bride but bridesmaid as well. So I found one of the prettiest dress what Weddington Way offered in their site here: weddingtonway.com and decided to make two looks of one dress: one of looks is for wedding day, but other is for another measure in which you can wear your dress again! Here you go: Wedding day look & Wearing bridesmaid dress again!

Bridesmaid Dress from Weddington Way! by happinessvictim featuring vintage centerpieces

I tried to keep this look simple but glamorous as possible: amazingly beautiful wedding dress & Thomas Sabo jewels! Also beige color is dominated in this look. 

Wearing Bridesmaid Dress from Weddington Way Again! by happinessvictim featuring Pier 1 Imports

In this look I added some pink flowers to spice it up! Also big gold frame with honeymoon photo in it <-- you can wear your dress when seeing newlyweds after their honeymoon!
Check out these beautiful dresses HERE.



Time is passing away too fast! I just live my life in autopilot mode day by day and then comes weekends. I'm really happy that I have job and have earned some money so far. I can't imagine my weekends without my working shift - I hate being home for too long and lately I get really tired of seeing the same people everyday. So going to work sometimes is great shelter from usual routine. But next 3 weeks is going to be super busy. I've just one full week to improve my grades, then it's weekend and I'm going to work, on Sunday I'm going to see Enrique Iglesias live in Rīga! Then I'm going to school for about 4 days, attenting Christmas ball on Thursday night and on Friday morning going to school for a piece of paper. Then starts Christmas holidays. Weekend I'm going to spend enjoying some beauty time: I'm going to SPA with family. And in the next weekend I'm attenting Christmas concert in theater. It's all about Christmas! Busiest time of the year.. But in other hand I enjoy that I'm not always at home. I enjoy atmosphere at theater, I'm excited about Enrique in Rīga and I can't wait for some beauty time at SPA. Also I'm thinking about doing something unusual on New Year - I want to start year 2015 with people I love and care about, I want to celebrate like never before!! : ) I know it's just 4th December and everything is so far away yet so close. How do you feel about new year? 

Having fun w/ friends @ Positivus! Miss that time, place, people.
Kisses <3