Hey friends! How is it going? I'm sharing with this post quickly, because I'm going outside to work a little bit at home, after that I'm thinking about arranging my wardrobe, also need to do my homework and tidy up work space as well. Now I'm sitting here and thinking what else can I say to you. I don't even know what's going on in my life. Friday night was good, sat at friends place and drank beer, later went to nearest pub to dance a little bit and then I went home. It was little bit slick because of snow outside so going home took about 30 minutes instead of 15. In the Saturday morning I woke up and had to go to school. Had hangover. But it was OK by the end of day. Today I feel like human and I want to live my life again so I'm having strength to do all the things I said that I'm going to do. Hope everyone one is having great Sunday as well. :) 

Today I decided to share with few things I recently got. Nothing big, but few faves. Also I'm sorry about bad photos, I'm shitty photographer and it was getting dark outside. Also I switched on flash but it didn't work... 

1. Moomin pajamas from Reserved. It was a gift from my best-bestfriend. I'm really happy about because it super cute. Also I never buy pajamas for myself. I sleep in pajamas only when it's winter time and it's cold under few blankets. And mostly I wore those ones that my mom got me when I was about 14, 15 y/o. It probably sounds miserable or funny, but as at that age I was as tall as I'm right now and nobody except my family see me in those old pajamas - I don't care. Even recently I've been thinking about buying new pajamas.. So I'm really happy about this one! Thank you a lot Lāsma! 
2. Original Source Coconut shower gel. I got this as a gift as well. I love coconut scent and this shower gel vegan, so it's a positive thing. It's not like I can't use shower gel which is not vegan, but I better buy vegan one. 
3. Muller lavender candle. Everytime I'm going in shop I have to check out candles they offer. When I saw this one I knew that I need it. Lavender scent is relaxing and lovely by itself. Can't wait to light it up. 
*Beautiful white flowers received as a gift as well. They smell wonderful and usually I keep them on window sill, so it was beautiful to wake up one morning and see everything white outside of winter and white flowers next to that sight. Lovely.


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