I think the best thing about this moment is.. I don't care about some things anymore. My happiness is priority. Past? Past is past: I don't talk about it = I don't think about it. Future? There is nothing that we can do about it. Living in this moment? Enjoy it. Work hard, travel, but firstly love! Love this moment! Because you don't have anything else right now. Somebody right now is studying, somebody is eating dinner, celebrating life with friends, making love; whatever - I'm here, writing this down and enjoying moment. It's pretty cold, but candle which is burning on the windowsill makes me feel warm and good. Conversations with new people and good words it's also something that is happening right now and it all warms up my heart. I'm thinking about who I am and who I want to be. I'm thinking about people who I want to see in my life right now. And right now I'm happy. Dear followers - I hope that you all are happy! Good night <3

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