Hello friends! How are you? I've been really busy lately. Today I went to my job after 3 free weekends. So I'm back on old track. My weekends mostly steals all of my free time. After hangouts and work I'm soooo tired that I prefer to do nothing but just lay in front of tv and watch cartoons or movies. It's November 30th and Christmas time is coming. I've to do so many things before Christmas holidays: concert, theater, spa & major thing is school. I've to do so many tests which I missed when I was in Egypt. So fingers crossed and good luck for me! :) And if we're talking about Egypt.. I wanted to share with one more post: Egpyt through (my) Instagram! Hope you'll enjoy it! 

Floating away from Hurghada into Red Sea


Sea Stars

How to start your day right (!)

Did some shopping as well. 

Outfit of the night! 

I miss Egypt already...

4 komentāri:

  1. Skaistas bildes! :)))))
    Gribētos arī tagad tur pabūt! Pēc visiem stresiem ļoti noderētu! :D

    1. Bildes nav salīdzināmas ar to kā tas viss izskatās dzīvē! Iesaku doties tieši uz Ēģipti, ja gribas atpūsties un uzņemt spēkus lai atkal cīnītos ar visiem stresiem. :D