EGYPT // pt.1

Hey! Hope you all are having good time. As I promised in this post I'm sharing my thoughts about my vacation in Hurghada, Egypt and things that I did.
After long flight and playing with kids in plane we're so exhausted. Also we drank about two bottles of Jagermeistar so we arrived pretty drunk. When we got to the airport we had to buy visas and take our luggage. And then we're going to our bus who took us to our hotel Serenity Makadi heights. Overall it took about 2 hours to do all the stuff and going to the hotel was about 30 minutes long trip. We got our room after long discussion and flirting with receptionist and finally we had time to rest! We ate dinner together with friends and in the evening we with our sister went to our room and packed our stuff carefully so our room was tidy. We went to the balcony, smoked some cigarettes and watched a film on TV. It was chilly evening with actual doing nothing.
On Sunday we went to beach. Weather was perfect and I enjoyed every moment I spent there: sun, Red Sea, Arabic music around. As I don't know how to swim (I've mentioned this fact before, but just in case if you've missed it) I didn't get in the water to swim or snorkeling. But I did get in the water with those funny slippers which protects you from injuries. And I saw beautiful sea stars, little crabs in their beautiful shell houses and corals. Red Sea is the cleanest sea in the world and it's such a beauty! Sun goes down about 5 o'clock and that means that moment later it's already dark outside and it's chilly. Every evening we went to dinner, drank cocktails and ate good meals. Me & my sister after dinner usual went upstairs to catch some wi-fi, so we could contact with family and friends. But they got really bad connection... I think it's like that in whole country... But actually, who needs wi-fi when you're living in such a paradise?
Monday was the same as Sunday, but on Tuesday we went to Hurghada. We went to boat which had glass bottom of it, so we saw colorful fishes, coral reefs and even shark! It was fake one.. But it was great joke as well! On the boat there was one guy who made photos of everyone, he was such a clown! He smiled and joked all the time & it was so nice to talk with him. After our trip with boat we went to the hotel, had some time to change and in the evening we went back to Hurghada, to sea food restourant! It was Lāčplēša day so we decided to celebrate it in the restourant. We were 12 latvians -> one big table on which we decided to put on mini Latvias flag and candle. It was great evening with no alcohol! Actually I was happy that we didn't drank anything, because days before we drank everything they gave us, because cocktails was for free.
The rest of the days we spend in our hotel, we didn't go to Hurghada or anywhere else, because it isn't safe to go there for tourists... At least that's what we heard. We drank cocktails next to the pool, we went to the beach but mostly we ate food they gave us :D Everything included - breakfast, brunch (it was not like brunch with about 11-12 AM they opened bar next to the beach and there was hotdogs, pasta, etc so it was second chance to eat if you had missed breakfast), lunch & dinner. And they gave us pretty good food if you ask me. You will not starve there! And if we talk about fruits.. We bought mango in Hurghada and it tasted like heaven. The best thing I've ever ate! For real. Back to the point - almost every night we went to our friends room to drink wine and talk.
The best day was the last night in our hotel. Egypt warmed my heart for ever. We went to the shopping arcade to buy some souvenirs and sweets for our family. Firstly we went to bracelet shop because we had to buy some for us and there was guy who was really calm and pleasant as a person. He wasn't like other guys there. But he just watched that shop because it was friends of his, so we decided to wait for real owner, so we went to clothing shop where we bought dresses, then we wen't to the souvenir shop where we bought sweets and souvenirs. The guy who worked said that I'm the prettiest here this week. I said: Oh.. Well that's bad! I was thinking about month, not week! And we laughed. When we leaved he said that each of us can have one magnet for free! It was so nice from him! Then we went to the tea shop where we buyed some tea and worker there wanted me to try out some oil on my arm.. So it all ended with my on his sofa (my sister and aunt went to other shops) and he made mix of oils which he massaged on my face. Actually it was really nice and relaxing!!!! And he was nice to me!!! But all my make up and clean hair... We had dinner like after 30 minutes! OK, when that procedure was over the guy that was in bracelet shop before said that he have something for us. He owned papyrus shop. He told us interesting stories about anciet Egypt, he showed us drawings  on papyrus and then switched of lights and everything in his shop was in fluorescent color, like actual drawing meant something else.. It was amazing. Then he gave us papyrus bookmarks with our zodiac signs and drawed our named in anciet Egypt language. While he did that he told us little bit about hisself and I've to say that I haven't met such a great young man in my life! I hope his going to be fine and his dreams will come true! Fingers crossed Mahmoud.

In the last day we sunbathed a little bit and then we signed out from our hotel.. I felt really sad. It was just a week, but I love to travel around the world and I love to get know new places and people. I already became attached to Egypt... So last days I'm feeling tired and unhappy. There are moments when I'm feeling great, but overall everything just sucks. And since I arrived I'm having mini anxiety attacks every night. That's why I hate to be home... 

So that's how I spent my vacation! I'm going to share with photos later, I've been working on this post about 2 hours now. I'm thinking about posting photos tomorrow! See you guys. :)* 

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