Hey! How are you? I hope everything is wonderful. I'm sitting here and thinking how to tell you this guys. I'm drinking almost cold cup of green tea which is surrounded by about 20 bottles of nail polish, my cosmetic box, mirror, clothes and it's all on my table. Such a mess here. I'm so tired but finally I have all what I need in my suitcase. Can you guess about what I'm talking? I've been keeping this as a secret for so long.. And I've been longing for this for so long as well.. I'm going to Egypt tomorrow! I will relax and think about all of you even though I'm not going to post anything. My laptop is going to stay at home and also there will be no scheduled posts (I'm sorry, I had idea about scheduling some posts but it was too late already..) so probably we're going to talk when I'm going to be home - BUT you already know that I'm using Instagram so you can follow me HERE, I will update there for sure. If I'll be able I will update my Facebook page (blog page) as well, but as nobody of you all follows me there I think it's unnecessary. :D I'm so tired right now I just want to go to bed and fall asleep, but I know that I will be to excited. Well, I hope you all will have great week! Keep your head up and smile! <3

Also, I'm sharing with quick outfit post. I wore this outfit yesterday, because it was warm enough to dress up like that. I bought burgundy blouse and flower scarf recently. They're my favorite garment right now, I hope that when I'm going to be back I'll be able to share with another my newest buy : super comfy gray knitted jumper from zara! So my yesterday's outfit below:

What I wore: Blouse: Stradivarius
Scarf & pants: H&M
Knee boots: Nelly.com 
Leather jacket: old 
Watch: Olivia Burton



  1. Šalle ļoti patīk krāsa un apdruka perfekti papildina outfitu - skaisti skaisti!!!
    Novēlu tev lieliski atpūsties! :)

  2. Lielisku atpūtu, tik ļoti gribas uzsūkt D vitamīnu! :)


    1. Paldies, pavadīju laiku lieliski un uzsūcu arī D vitamīnu!

  3. Lielisks outfits! Visas krāsas ļoti skaisti saskaņojas kopā! :) Šalle ir patiešām ļoti skaista un romantiska!
    Lai Tev veicās kārtīgi atpūsties Ēģiptē un uzkrāt spēkus kā arī daudz saules priekš aukstajiem Latvijas mēnešiem!


    1. Paldies, prieks dzirdēt! Uuu jā, nedaudz gan pietrūka lai uzkrātu spēkus tiem aukstajiem mēnešiem, kas tuvojas. :(

  4. Super nice Scarf

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!