Hi! How are you today? I woke up sleepy, it was raining and my first thought was: oh no, I don't want to go to work! But to be true, I never think like that. I'm trying to be positive. This morning totally wasn't positive. After I stepped out of store it started to rain ever harder and I opened my unmbrella but it instantly broke. At least half of it worked.. I was yelling at myself in my head and muttered loudly as well. When I was half gone my dear friend Lo was driving by, so I jumped in his car and he took me to the work. Thank you! When I made it to the work I felt so unhappy: wet, tired & sleepy. But my colleagues was in great mood and somehow when my shift was over I went home happy as well. It was still raining, golden leaves on streets.. Fall is here. And there always is something so charming about it. For me it is that warm feeling in heart. I don't know where do I get it but it's always there when the right season is coming. Recently I bought new aromatheraphy candle which is smelling like vanilla mouse. It's so good! Whenever it's burning it feels like I've little Fall paradise in my heart. Even though I'm having some trouble right now.. My parents are fighting and it's not cool, it really breaks my heart. Also I was ill so I skipped few days in school and that means that next week I will have to work harder. And I've to see my doctor as well. So many things to do and so little time! So many things going on right now, I just can't relax and think about nothing, there are so many troubles. At least I've some relaxing drugs to try out. 

Celebrated my sisters sweet 17th! Yummmm.. 

ADVENTURE TIME WITH SOME STUPID UMBRELLA. (it was like 30 euros worth it, it was really good one, I'm so pissed of)

Rufio hava left us. Woman who took him was so generous and lovely. So I think he's going to be fine! <3 


2 komentāri:

  1. Es arī dievinu vaniļas smaržas sveces - lielisks garastāvokļa uzlabotājs :)
    Ahh tas sušī šķīvis, man šajā nedēļā sanāca sušī uztaisīt, un pieēsties, bet tagad skatoties uz bildes atkal gribās, šķiet ka varētu katru dienu to ēst.. :)

    1. It īpaši kad ārā ir drēgns un lietus līst, vaniļas svecīte sasilda visu istabu. Tik jauki! :)
      Jāaa! Tur nu es 100% varu tev piekrist- katru dienu varētu ēst sušī! Mmm...