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GUESS WHAT?  I got my computer back! Oh, I'm so happy that I can write a post from my own pc, I'm happy that I can  update my music in phone and put photos from phone to pc, etc. Also I need to clean my pc in both ways - I've so many photos and apps that I should delete, also some old music + I should clean it as well. But tomorrow I'm going to work, so no more chill for me anymore. I've done so many things past days and I will share with some photos below, so enjoy. :) 

You know which is one of the best feelings in world? Finding fragrance that makes you feel powerful and beautiful or feminine and sexy. Variations are plenty. I LOVE great fragrances, I don't leave my house without some beautiful scent on my neck.. 

These mini bottles of Riga champagne are so handy haha! After shopping with one of my friends we decided to celebrate.. Just celebrate so we drank these.

Excursion with my class to LU botanical garden. 

Luch with best friends.

Me and this beautiful, young woman! <3
(dress: nelly.com)

Hot sushi time with family @ Gan Bei. It was sooooo gooood, damn it. 

Warm cheese cake with strawberry sorbet on it. Delicious!

Gel polish on my nails. Thanks to my friend Zane who did my nails, I <3 result. Unfortunately they came off so fast but I hope that next time it will be another quality.
(bracelet: nelly.com) 

Sunday chill with friends. Celebrated my best friends (or should I say partner in crime, because he's one of the funniest & craziest friends I have) 18th birthday! It was more like chill after-party with few of us. 

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