Hey friends! I hope you're doing just fine. I just wanted to say that my pc charger burned. It's totally my fault because all my clothes were on my table and under them was my charger and I was getting ready to school on Monday morning when suddenly it exploded and I was like wtf and when I looked at my table there was smoke going trough my clothes! Gosh! I will always keep my clothes in my wardrobe, bloody hell, I almost burned whole house down! But as they say: everything happens for a reason! I just wanted to let you guys know that I don't know when I will be able to post something again.. I already miss all this blogging stuff (about which I'm really lazy) and my computer as well.. Today's youth huh. I've so many things happening right now, I would be so happy to tell you more, but it's so annoying to write trough blogger app I just downloaded even thought it's pretty useful! My friends, my followers, my everything! Tell me how is it going? What's new? I miss you guys! 


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  1. Long time no see...!!! Just read your last updates, just like you, I had a huge break...kinda cheeky one but isn't that right?? Fall is always sooo busy! Take your time to come back here all regenerated! :)

    ps.: Hope the computer is fine however... :o sounds scary!


    1. Yes, long time.. Where have you been?
      I hope you're fine! And I hope that you're back, missed your posts. :)
      Computer is fine, it was charger which burned.. But I will have it back soon!

  2. Ārprāts es pavisam noteikti būtu ļoti sabijusies! Labi, ka nekas slikts nenotika! :)
    Un es zinu, to sajūtu- es bez sava laptopa esmu kā bez rokām- vienreiz tas bija labošanā nedēļu un man likās, ka sajukšu prātā visu darot telefonā :D


    1. Jā, varēja būt daudz sliktāk.
      Eh, tas ir tik drausmīgi kaitinoši, šķiet, ka mana dzīve ir uz brīdi apstājusies. Protams, stulbi, ka kompis ir tik svarīga dzīves sastāvdaļa, bet rit jau trešā nedēļa bez tā un tik daudz kas ir palicis iesaldēts! :D Man tas pats, šobrīd viss notiek caur telefonu ..

  3. I love these insta pictures Eliza! Great post!