Hey, hey, hey! How are you? Recently me & my sister bought some decors for our room: new pillows, white baskets & lamp. Also few decors like good candles (for me it's important to buy good quality candles, because if they're bad or old, they will not burn right and they will burn out too fast.) small white bowl for some bracelets, etc. Even thought these are just few things we bought our room already looks fresh and stylish! At least for me. And I have so many new ideas how to decorate my room so it would look perfect.. :) 

Also I wanted to share with Zoya Halloween contest: click HERE to see what I made! And if you like it - vote for it. Thank you. :)
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Autumn is one boring season at least for me. I love wearing black for sure, but when Fall comes everyone is wearing black clothes! I don't want to be like others, do you? But still, I picked few things to wear this season: big cardigan, knitted scarf, just a little bit of mascara and always stylish converses as well. And don't forget about hand cream because wind will damage your skin if you don't wear stylish gloves on your hands..


LOUD // update source my instagram content

GUESS WHAT?  I got my computer back! Oh, I'm so happy that I can write a post from my own pc, I'm happy that I can  update my music in phone and put photos from phone to pc, etc. Also I need to clean my pc in both ways - I've so many photos and apps that I should delete, also some old music + I should clean it as well. But tomorrow I'm going to work, so no more chill for me anymore. I've done so many things past days and I will share with some photos below, so enjoy. :) 

You know which is one of the best feelings in world? Finding fragrance that makes you feel powerful and beautiful or feminine and sexy. Variations are plenty. I LOVE great fragrances, I don't leave my house without some beautiful scent on my neck.. 

These mini bottles of Riga champagne are so handy haha! After shopping with one of my friends we decided to celebrate.. Just celebrate so we drank these.

Excursion with my class to LU botanical garden. 

Luch with best friends.

Me and this beautiful, young woman! <3
(dress: nelly.com)

Hot sushi time with family @ Gan Bei. It was sooooo gooood, damn it. 

Warm cheese cake with strawberry sorbet on it. Delicious!

Gel polish on my nails. Thanks to my friend Zane who did my nails, I <3 result. Unfortunately they came off so fast but I hope that next time it will be another quality.
(bracelet: nelly.com) 

Sunday chill with friends. Celebrated my best friends (or should I say partner in crime, because he's one of the funniest & craziest friends I have) 18th birthday! It was more like chill after-party with few of us. 



Hey friends! I hope you're doing just fine. I just wanted to say that my pc charger burned. It's totally my fault because all my clothes were on my table and under them was my charger and I was getting ready to school on Monday morning when suddenly it exploded and I was like wtf and when I looked at my table there was smoke going trough my clothes! Gosh! I will always keep my clothes in my wardrobe, bloody hell, I almost burned whole house down! But as they say: everything happens for a reason! I just wanted to let you guys know that I don't know when I will be able to post something again.. I already miss all this blogging stuff (about which I'm really lazy) and my computer as well.. Today's youth huh. I've so many things happening right now, I would be so happy to tell you more, but it's so annoying to write trough blogger app I just downloaded even thought it's pretty useful! My friends, my followers, my everything! Tell me how is it going? What's new? I miss you guys! 




Hi! How are you today? I woke up sleepy, it was raining and my first thought was: oh no, I don't want to go to work! But to be true, I never think like that. I'm trying to be positive. This morning totally wasn't positive. After I stepped out of store it started to rain ever harder and I opened my unmbrella but it instantly broke. At least half of it worked.. I was yelling at myself in my head and muttered loudly as well. When I was half gone my dear friend Lo was driving by, so I jumped in his car and he took me to the work. Thank you! When I made it to the work I felt so unhappy: wet, tired & sleepy. But my colleagues was in great mood and somehow when my shift was over I went home happy as well. It was still raining, golden leaves on streets.. Fall is here. And there always is something so charming about it. For me it is that warm feeling in heart. I don't know where do I get it but it's always there when the right season is coming. Recently I bought new aromatheraphy candle which is smelling like vanilla mouse. It's so good! Whenever it's burning it feels like I've little Fall paradise in my heart. Even though I'm having some trouble right now.. My parents are fighting and it's not cool, it really breaks my heart. Also I was ill so I skipped few days in school and that means that next week I will have to work harder. And I've to see my doctor as well. So many things to do and so little time! So many things going on right now, I just can't relax and think about nothing, there are so many troubles. At least I've some relaxing drugs to try out. 

Celebrated my sisters sweet 17th! Yummmm.. 

ADVENTURE TIME WITH SOME STUPID UMBRELLA. (it was like 30 euros worth it, it was really good one, I'm so pissed of)

Rufio hava left us. Woman who took him was so generous and lovely. So I think he's going to be fine! <3 




I'm not a fan of fall but.. It's just wonderful season for sure. It's dark outside and windy as well. It's getting colder and colder. From green to gold, that's how leaves are changing they colors. Suddenly nothing is the same. Whenever fall comes it comes with nostalgic memories & reflections. Sometimes I think about past and troubles I made, but I don't regret nothing. Today I am who I am and the main thing - I am happy. I'm happy right here, right now. With cold air entering the room, with darkness outside, with hot tea next to me. I'm happy with my life right now. I enjoy this moment because it will never be the same as it is today. And I've to mention that fall always comes with suprises! One of the busiest months and that is good. :) October have to be awesome! Right? Let it be!

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