After yesterday shock I had after my mom took out my lenses out of my eyes, I will always admire & respect blind people. That is just amazing how they can take care of theirself without seeing. Since Friday I have lenses. I wore them whole week and only yesterday I tried to take them out. Actually, I tried everynight - without results. But as they're so comfortable and for long-term use I was wearing them all week. And when I had to take them out of my eyes and again - it didn't work I asked my mom for help. She did it. And I looked around. And I started to cry. It all was hazy. It was huge shock for me after week with lenses and perfect vision. So, that's how it's going right now. Yes, I might be too sensitive, that's why I'm so upset. Going to put them back tomorrow morning before school. It's Friday tomorrow and I want to party but as I have math tutor on Saturday morning I may stay at home. Will see. I should start to study right now or at least tidy up my room (oh gosh, sometimes I can't believe that I'm a girl. Vitamins & other medicine, camera, press, cosmetics, nail polishes, books, umbrella and clothes - all on my table.. :| ) but I feel tired, so I'm going to make some tea for myself and watch my fav tv show. And how do you feel today? :)

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  1. I also admire blind people A LOT!

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    Emily from PTT

  2. Fajne zdjęcia! :)
    Jeśli mój blog Ci się spodoba zaobserwuj go, a z pewnością zrobię to samo ;)