Yes, selfies & food! That's how I would describe ending of my summer. This week was colorful - three working days in a row, three anxiety attacks (great, just great! but I'm dealing with it fine), one wonderful day with my bestie - shopping, good food & talking to Spanish man which was so funny & friendly = a lot of fun together, making good food at home as well. That's how I spent this week so far, tomorrow I'm going to capital with family, after that we're going straight back home because I've to go to work and after I'm planning to go to ''Back to School'' party here in my village. And how do you do? :) 

Sister made delicious croissants for breakfast.. 

..even thought we had breakfast I made before! --> Bran bread with tomatoes, feta, pesto & basil, red onion. Spontaneous decision to put more love into food I eat! 

Creme brulee with Lāsma! <3 

Selfieeeeeeees! If you follow me on Instagram you are probably starting to hate me because of selfies, haha right? Follow me HERE!
Kisses <3  

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